2016 Goals + January Desktop Calendar

2016 Goals - Rad Maverix

2016 Goals - Rad Maverix

Welcome to the new + improved Rad Maverix Blog! I have been gearing up for the New Year and wanted to give my humble corner of the web a facelift. My intentions were to keep this site esthetically minimal yet resourceful. If you frequent often, you will likely see additional changes coming in the next few weeks, as I make myself at home and tweak small things here and there to make this the most inspiring place possible.

I am a member of a couple of groups on Facebook that houses the ideas, questions, frustrations and successes (& failures!) of being an entrepreneur. (And although, I have a day job I still consider myself a Boss Lady!) These groups are so inspiring that I find myself spending my lunch breaks catching up on all of the latest success posts and 2016 business goals, of sister-entrepreneurs. I love reading these and they’re inspiring but I also feel like I’m totally behind. What do I want to happen in 2016, personally + professionally? What are my goals? Do I have a plan or even a vision?

So I put the pen to paper and came up with my 2016 Goals:

  1. Continue the growth of Rad Maverix Brand

  2. Stay active + push goals at the gym

  3. Want less; give more

  4. Work harder on what matters

  5. Be present (less electronics)

  6. Figure out what I want to be when I grow up (just kidding, I’m never growing up, adulting is so overrated)

  7. Be bold, be fearless, be authentic

  8. Cultivate kindness + wellness

  9. Promote self-love

  10. Stay consistent + be supportive

These are just a few of the topics that you will be seeing on the blog in 2016. I also have an exciting blog series debuting in the near future that showcases some of the most inspiring boss babes I’ve ever met! Make sure to follow along on Facebook and Instagram so you don’t miss out on any upcoming giveaways or more importantly photos of my furbabes.

2016 Goals - Rad Maverix

2016 Goals - Rad Maverix

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What do you want to achieve this year?