Rad Warriors Support Mission: Complete

Rad Warriors Support Mission

The Rad Warriors Support Mission is complete.

Words cannot express how rewarding it feels to make a positive impact on several people that cannot pay you back. In case you're new around here, the Rad Warriors Support Mission was started to raise funds and awareness for the need of basic day-to-day necessities that are essential for our soldiers fighting overseas. After a conversation with my brother, a 13-year Service Member, I learned that it’s not unusual for our military to go without basic necessities like deodorant and toothbrushes.

& that's how the Rad Warriors Support Mission was born.

Rad Warriors Support Mission

Here’s what we got to send in our care packages:

500+ individually wrapped snacks, 360 Face wipes / cleansing cloths , 288 razors + shaving cream, 144 shirts, 50 toothbrushes, 30 sticks of deodorant, 16 tubes of toothpaste, several thousand q-tips and various magazines + puzzle books.


Check out these remarkable small businesses + families that made this mission possible:

Rad Warriors Support Mission

+ a special thanks to all of the loyal Rad Maverix Brand customers and Coffeyville Country Club’s Couples’ Golf League.

This mission could not have been possible with out the help of Kaci Jo of Kaci Jo Bute Photography.

What have you done to make a difference? 

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