3 Quick Tips to Conquering the Work Day

3 Habits to Help You Conquer the Work Day - Pin for later!

3 Habits to Help You Conquer the Work Day - Pin for later!

I’ve mentioned before how I maintain a love / hate relationship with Mondays. I love them because it’s a brand new shiny week with fresh opportunities. But I hate them because of the obvious reasons: I don’t get to stay home with my dogs or drink mimosas for breakfast. For some Monday’s can be the best + productive days of the week but then Thursday and Friday roll around and motivation is nowhere to be found. Whether you love Monday’s or loathe them, here are some habits that help me stay motivated during the work week.


3 Quick Tips To Conquering the Work Day:

1. ditch the Distractions

How easy is it to pull out your phone and start scrolling through Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest when you’re feeling the least bit motivated at work? Someone tags you in a picture; of course you need to check to make sure its “Facebook-worthy”. Another friend commented on your recent Instagram post so now you feel the need to comment back! Prevent these distractions by turning off all social media notifications. This will be difficult for some but the amount of work you can get done in place of scrolling through Instagram will be magical.

2. Take Time for You

Take short 10 minute breaks throughout the day and do something that soothes the soul and improves your overall well-being. If you’re in an office, close the door and complete a short (non-strenuous) yoga routine. Perhaps you’re in a cubicle? Download the Headspace App and meditate for 10 minutes. Or take a brisk walk to get your blood + energy flowing. Not only will your body thank you but your mind will too.

3. Trump the To-Do List

There’s always that moment you see your to-do list and immediately want to crawl back into bed. However, making it a habit to write a practical to-do list every morning helps you maintain purpose and clarity throughout the day. Let your to-do list guide you but don’t let it become impossible. There are many different ways to write functional to-do lists but you have to figure out what works for you. Some like to write the biggest and hardest task first and others like to write down the quickest tasks to achieve so they can feel the satisfaction of crossing items off of their list. 

If you're looking for more tips on managing to-do lists, see this post!

How do you stay motivated? What are your thoughts on turning off Social Media Notifications from popping up on your phone?

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