Chief Of The Teepee - Shelbie Marie Langlois

Chief of the Teepee - Rad Maverix

Have you ever met someone and felt like they're your soulmate? Not in the sense of meeting your future husband or wife but in the sense that you both find the same things hilarious. You both want to run the world, Beyonce style, and you are also similar in the fact that you have more passion than you know what to do with. Meet the next Chief of the Teepee, Shelbie Langlois, who is not only making big fitness moves in the Fitness Industry but also cheering + motivating hundreds and thousands of women along the way. 

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Chief of the Teepee - Shelbie Langlois

1. Tell us who you are & where you’re from? My name is Shelbie Langlois, I was born and raised, in my opinion the heart of our country, a place that still holds my heart, Oklahoma.

2. Tell us about your passion for fitness and how it began? Because of my home grown and farm family up bringing, hard work is something I have never been afraid of. I have always had the desire to build something and watch it grow. My grandfather was like that, my dad is like that and almost everyone in my family is like that. Though, I never really took to farm life, I have always been attached to the mindset behind it, hard work. As a child and adolescent I struggled terribly with weight, body image issues and eating disorders. The long and short of it is this: I was about 50 to 80+ pounds overweight between 12 and 19. Let's be honest, being the fat girl in any high school doesn't come easy let alone a small farm town high school. My self hatred spiraled and it spiraled fast. So much that after high school I took extreme measures and sunk fast into a terrible eating disorder and stayed there in the depth of bulimia, drinking and partying too much and continued self-hate for nearly 3 years. I had lost the weight and gained depression and anxiety like you wouldn't believe. I got pregnant with my son, gained back all of my weight plus some and was back at square one with being the fat girl once again. That's when my blog and my business was born. That's when I found my purpose and that is when I could finally channel all that drive I had buried inside of me. When my son was 6 weeks old I promised myself I would be honest and open with my struggles and try and help someone along the way. Someone ended up turning into 100s of someone's and 2 years, a fitness and nutrition company, 87 pounds and a whole lot of dedication sweat and tears later here we are! I'm more connected with my Faith than I've ever been, have more direction than I ever thought possible and truly believe anyone can do anything, myself included.

3. Do you find being a woman to be a challenge when chasing your dreams? If so, how do you overcome this challenge? I do find being a women somewhat challenging when chasing our dreams lol. I say that because we are so damn emotional! We attach to things easily and take things personal, even when it's not. That being said, I wouldn't trade that because that's what makes us, as business boss babes successful in my opinion. Our heart is something people pick up on instantly, when people can sense your sincerity they trust you, when people trust you, they follow you; good breeds good. I will never apologize for being an emotional basket case because that's what makes this bad boy (or should I say babe 😂) run like a well oiled Machine.

My struggles drive me, they do not define me!

4. What drives you to pursue your passion each day? My drive honestly comes from my demons. I think everyone's demons do in some way. I live by the words drive not define. My struggles drive me, they do not define me! Every time I want to stop or think I can't take much more I dig a little deeper and remember what I want and why I want it! We are all fighting something, it is up to us if we let that something drive us up or down. Up! All the way.

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5. Can you share one trade secret or piece of advice when it comes to balancing a healthy lifestyle? The one secret I can share is this: believe that you can do it. Whatever it is. You want to eat healthy? Cool. Eat healthy, start with one meal and then a few days later do two meals, then three then four and before you know it you are a healthy little fit chick busting out healthy advice all over the place. You want to go to the gym but don't know what to do? Go anyway! Everyone walks in that door for the first time at some point not knowing where to start. That's the hardest part. Just open the door and go in.

6. What is your favorite motivational quote? My favorite quote is "dig deep" I say that because everything you need is already there you just have to dig to find it. Trust me on that one.

Rad Maverix

7. What is bliss to you? My bliss is positivity. It saved my life by choosing how I look at life has nothing to do with the world but everything to do with the way I see it. The world needs more positive Patti's. People say to me often, how are you so positive? And I say back how can I not be? It gives me life. If people would just believe in each other more than they believe in themselves, self worth and loving yourself is enviable. You reap what you sew.

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