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After meeting the next Chief, Alexz, I realized we had a lot in common. She, like myself, needs to have a project going on at all times and we both enjoy the hunt - or thrill - of thrifting. Bird Trouble was born from the ideals of Mexicana folk art, fashion design and sustainability. Alexz Sandoval is the badass behind this brand, who is making her wildest dreams come true, through the creation of eco-friendly, yet fashionable, handbags + accessories. Alexz is living the daydream of many millennials, a year of living in Mexico, traveling and several years of adventure to look back on. Check out my interview with Alexz below. Also! You could win $50 store credit to Bird Trouble, check it out here!

1. Tell us who you are, where you’re from and a fun fact or two. I'm a female artist, sustainable bag designer, bag maker, and a travel lover from Chicago, IL. I'm known to be quite the nomad. Most recently, I lived in Mexico for a year. In Mexico, I launched my first staple bag collection for my accessory and lifestyle brand, Bird Trouble.

2. Tell us about your craving for creating sustainable bags + accessories. I'm the type of person that always needs a project (or 100, haha) and I'm also very thrifty, like I'll bring in furniture to my apartments from one of these Chicago alley ways but I also just enjoy the hunt, so I hunt down a lot of second hand materials to create with.

It's been extremely organic to my cravings and eventually turned into a business idea. It then hit me that my passion is for sustainable fashion, and it was perfect for the teenage punk in me who's always been very aware and turned off by the fast fashion industry, an industry that's 1 out of 3 largest corporations contributing to climate change. Fast fashion doesn't do good for the planet and two, it doesn't enhance the customers personal individuality to the fullest. 

Bird Trouble Trunk Show at  Locallective  in Wicker Park, Chicago. 

Bird Trouble Trunk Show at Locallective in Wicker Park, Chicago. 

3. Where did the inspiration behind Bird Trouble come from? Bird Trouble is inspired by a story of someone who can't hold back from being free willed and stylishly expressive. This person loves nature and adventure, usually choosing to live a sustainably conscious lifestyle.

Rad Maverix Alexz Sandoval Bird Trouble

4. What drives you to pursue your passion each day? Choosing happiness and balance, or focusing on grey areas (if I'm just having one of those days). Design is what I was born to do. You can feel what you need to do if you follow your intuitions. I've decided I want to live intentionally, this way, because it feels great, it teaches me patience and self control, while also allowing me to follow through what my body and mind enjoy most.

Bird Trouble Janis Medicine Bags available exclusively at  Sideshow Gallery . 

Bird Trouble Janis Medicine Bags available exclusively at Sideshow Gallery

5. What advice would you give to an entrepreneur just starting their journey? Follow what feels true to you, and don't let your laziness or fears get in your way, because doing what is out of your comfort zone or something that scares the shit out of you, will only make you stronger. Also, get your finances in check. 

6. What are your hidden superpowers? I can smell danger and I have a great sense of direction. ;)

7. What is your favorite motivational quote? "Bad bitches are taking over the world." Sophia Armoruso, founder of Nasty Gal

Photo courtesy of  Andrea Pabon  

Photo courtesy of Andrea Pabon 

8. What is bliss to you? Being the only person, or one of very few, on a warm mountain or a hot beach and far from any major highways. I took a trip to Yelapa Mexico recently, a tiny beach town touching the Bay of Banderas that is only attainable by boat since it doesn't have any roads leading to it. Pure bliss, the most I've ever felt.

9. If you could meet anyone for coffee (or a stiff drink), who would it be and where would you meet? Sophia Armoruso, at a gallery event, only if there's free wine. Otherwise, it should be a coffee and pie date.

Studio shots by  Truss and Ore . 

Studio shots by Truss and Ore

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