Rad Girls Night Out Event


Rad Maverix Girls Night Out

Earlier this year, a friend of mine suggested I host a trunk show in our hometown. My first thought, “Well damn, why haven’t I done this sooner!” and then, my second thought, “How can we make this as badass as possible?” So I put my thinking cap on, maybe had a few glasses of champagne and started tossing ideas back and forth with her. You see, where we live there is really nothing to do or anywhere to shop. So, I thought it would be fun to host a “Girls Night Out” for all of my customers. Plus, this would be a great opportunity for new and old customers to touch + try on, Rad Maverix Apparel, and simply enjoy the evening with a glass of champagne and cupcake in tow. Not to mention, I was stupid excited to meet some of these babes that I had only met on social media. However, I didn’t want this event to be just about Rad Maverix. I wanted to provide a platform for some of my favorite boss babes to showcase their small businesses as well.

In my humble opinion, I had the best line up of small businesses:

If you’ve never hosted an event before, please, let me recap for you. You literally go on, what feels like, a never-ending roller coaster of emotions:

  • Excitement to meet loyal Rad Maverix customers
  • Apprehension that everything goes as planned (God forbid, we run out of product or even worse - champagne!)
  • Anxiety that only crickets show up
  • Enthusiasm that you’re hosting a fun event for all the babes in your, very small, hometown! 

When we opened the doors at 5:40 (sorry, we were fashionably late, but I think it was worth it!) the weight of the world lifted from my shoulders. When I saw a line of #bossbabes waiting to get in, I knew it was going to be a successful event. You guys. I thought I was going to cry; especially when I saw the ladies who had driven 100’s (I’m serious.) of miles to support my small side hustle, Rad Maverix Brand. I wanted to hug every single person that walked through that door. 

I seriously hope everyone had a blast. I've had many requests to host more of these events and with the fun that was had, I think that's a must.

All photos by the talented Kaci Jo Bute, owner of Kaci Jo Bute Photography.


Stay Rad,