Not Everyone Will Get You (& That's Okay)

I remember the days of constantly worrying about what everyone else thought about me and relentlessly seeking my peers’ approval. It didn’t matter what it was about, I would always wonder + question my actions in regards to others consent. You guys, this method of thinking is horse shit. You know the saying…

“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be somebody who hates peaches.”

Thanks for the wise words, Dita Von Teese.

After a bit of soul searching and self-assurance, I can finally say I no longer seek the approval of my peers. And if we’re being frank, I couldn't care less what others think about me. Of course, I say this in the most loving + caring way possible. You see, I’m a little passionate about this because I’ve witnessed so many people being robbed of living a wondrous life because they are so afraid of what others will think of their actions. If you continue this way of living you will likely become stagnant and ultimately resent those who you’ve been seeking approval from.  

  • Want to start that dream biz of yours? Do it.
  • Ready to launch your dream life? Do it.
  • In the mood to adopt 21 puppies? Do it. (But only if you’re REALLY up for the commitment!)

So how do you stop seeking approval and start living your dream life, now?

I have two tips that have shown to be tried and true and work time and time again.

1. Evaluate. The first step to making decisions for you, is analyzing the situation. When you’re getting ready to make a decision and those pesky little thoughts of, “What will xxx think about me?” Stop and ask yourself the following question:

Am I hurting someone or something; or will this negatively impact someone else? 

Your answer to this question, will likely be “no!” That’s your cue, love, to lay those nasty thoughts of self-doubt and move forward with those big dreams of yours.

2. Be proud. The word “pride” can have different meanings and can sometimes be seen as bragging or arrogance. But, if you’re proud of your actions / work then how can anyone else feel different? Exude the emotions you wish to see in the world. Want someone to have the confidence in you? First, feel confident for yourself. Want someone to be proud of you? Be proud of yourself.

Once you get into the groove of making decisions for you and for your best interest, these two steps will happen automagically. Practice makes perfect.

If you only take one thing away from this post, let it be this: You are the only you. No one can replace you and no one has the power to be you. We don’t get “do-overs” in this adventure called LIFE; we have to do it right the first time. With that being said, work towards building that dream life you've always wanted. You deserve it!

Not Everyone Will Get You. 2 Tips to help you stop seeking approval.

I hope you have a seriously rad week and make big moves today!


Stay Rad,