So I Bought A Vintage Camper

So I bought a vintage camper

I have been looking for a rad vintage camper for years—& I’m not even being dramatic—seriously, years! It’s actually been quite the adventure to find the “perfect” one. When I started looking I would quickly learn that the good ones are overpriced and the fixer-uppers need way too much fixing up.

Photo found on Pinterest

Photo found on Pinterest

I’m going to tell you about a time when I thought I had a camper bought and it totally fell through to the gates of hell.

I was told about a camper that needed to be moved off of a property; the owner was not asking very much for it because he was in a time crunch to get rid of the camper. My mom sent me photos of it and I pretty much fell in love right away. I was like a kid on Christmas Eve. I stayed up late dreaming about everything I could do with it!

On Mother’s Day evening we drove over to scope the camper out. It actually looked better in person than it did in the photos! Even though it needed A LOT (emphasize, A LOT) of work I was more than ready to bring that camper home. Unfortunately, the owner did not have the title and I was not willing to pay for something that I would not have ownership on.

Major Camper Inspo by @ModCloth

Major Camper Inspo by @ModCloth

A few weeks pass by and finally the owner calls and tells us that he found the title and we can come get the camper anytime. The next weekend, we drive over, back the truck up to hook up the camper and then proceed to make one final inspection. You know, to ensure that it was in the same condition as the first day I looked at it.

Without bashing anyone, there was some—um, "damages" made to the camper sometime between the first visit and pick up day. To put it lightly, I was devastated + shocked. My mom and I start taking a closer look at the camper and notice several gouges in the exterior shell and glass windows shattered. Obviously, I call the deal off; one of the main reasons I wanted this camper is because the exterior was in such great shape!

photo found on Pinterest

photo found on Pinterest

With a heavy heart I drive home discouraged + a little pissed off. After mellowing in my emotions for a while the search for a vintage camper begins again.

I wasn’t going to share this (negative) story because it’s sort of a downer and totally against everything I believe in as far as putting positive vibes out into the universe. BUT there is light at the end of the tunnel. Let this be an illustration for you to keep truckin’ on. Keep moving forward when things aren’t going your way!

If you follow along on Instagram you know I finally brought home one badass vintage camper.

Ladies + Gents, meet Nova the Rad Nomad

Nova The Rad Nomad

LOOK AT THIS BABE. It needs so much TLC but that’s okay, because I have so much love to give!

Isn't it funny how things just fall into place when you stop obsessing over it. 

This little guy has a neat history: originally owned by a man who would take his son camping in the mountains to hunt and fish several months out of the year. Then when the son had his own son, they would continue the tradition and go hunting/fishing together. Unfortunately, the grandson was killed in a motorcycle crash and the father lost all interest in using the camper since the accident. He was very reluctant to let the camper go, as it held a lot of memories with both his father and son. However, he was happy to let the camper move on to its next journey and can’t wait to see it come back to life.

This is going to be quite a big project/overhaul but I know the journey will test me, as a person, on so many levels. Skills that I work on every day to improve, like patience and tenacity will certainly be evolved. I’m considering making it either a blog or video series for anyone interested in renovating their very own travel trailer. Now, for the million dollar question: to make it an actual travel trailer for glamping or a Rad Maverix Champagne Bar or both?

Watch the pre-renovation tour here!

I plan to keep you posted + updated on the improvements.


Until next time,