How To Find Yourself; When The World Is Telling You Who You Should Be

I know so many great women who feel lost in their role as a parent, in their job or even in a relationship. Constantly putting others' needs before their own, know, that is what is expected of moms or women in general! It has almost become demanded of us to put ourselves on the back burner for the benefit of our employer, kids, spouses, church, youth group, charity, you name it. If you're not fully living your own soul-satisfying life, how can you wholeheartedly help someone else live theirs?

“Follow your inner moonlight; don't hide the madness.” - Allen Ginsberg

If you resonated with the description above, it’s okay, you’re not alone! The feeling of being “lost” in others doesn’t have to last forever and it definitely doesn’t mean your life is hopeless. What if I told you these thoughts of feeling lost simply mean you are going through one badass transformation? Think of this time as your evolution period! Soak it up and take in as much as you can but don’t get stuck in this state of mind. Use this time to tap into your unique power and create a life you love.

How to find yourself when the world is telling you who you should be

3 ways to help you get out of the lost + found box and empower you to create your best life ever.

Get the heck out of dodge

Go outside, go on an adventure; make it a day trip or perhaps a week-long getaway. When you are able to get away and explore you are able to tap into your creative spirit and truly connect with yourself. (I have imagined my best-selling tees while hiking or exploring hidden treasures on our property.) Get away from the hustle & bustle, the kids and the noise from of the day-to-day grind and experience the world with renewed eyes. Just try it! Go out for a nature walk/hike and when you get back home take note on how you feel. You will gain so much clarity about where you want your life to go.

Be a kid again

And I mean this in the sense of dreaming without limitation. What did you dream about as a child? What kind of dreams did you have before you lost yourself in a world full of student loans, credit cards, babysitters and perhaps even tinder? Go back to your thought-catalog and thing about the days (or things) that felt easy, fun and in the flow. When we grow up, it’s easy to lose sight on how amazing life can be because we feel held back by the 9-5 grind or responsibilities. Don’t fret, it’s time to reconnect with what you love and finally take action on it! Don’t spend any more time making excuses about not having the time or money; make a commitment to do what you love at least once a day and watch your life change.

Challenge yourself

How can you try new things and meet new people if you don’t step out of your comfort zone? Growth doesn’t happen by staying in a bubble-wrapped box where everything is warm and familiar. Step into your power by challenging yourself to do something that scares the living hell out of you but is still revitalizing. While reading this, what was the first thing that came to mind? I’m challenging you to just do it already!

How open are you to finding your truest self? Every single day there are signs and messages that will encourage you to take action—however, you will only notice them if you are open + vulnerable. Work on your mindset + practice mindfulness on a daily basis so you can recognize the signs all around you. The key to finding yourself may very well be on a commercial / poster or come to you as a thought on your drive to work. Always remember, this is your life to live! If you are not surrounding yourself with the kind of people you want to be then you're not living life to it's fullest potential. 


What has helped you find yourself when you were feeling lost? Share in the comments below!