Take Control of The Week So The Week Doesn't Control You

Take Control of the Week So the Week doesn't Control You

It’s no new news here, at the Rad Maverix Headquarters that I am a serious sucker for pretty to-do lists, chic agendas and the idea of being totally organized. I define my life as “organized chaos”. What about you?

I have to refrain (big time) when it comes to scouring the Target dollar spots…but really, can you ever have too many organizational tools? The answer is yes.


  • Stickies
  • Cutesy Pens
  • Page flags in all the colors
  • File folders
  • Notepads -- how many is too many? …asking for a friend.

Speaking of organizational tools, I just purchased a new agenda. Not because my old one had come to an end but because I was in the mood for something new and refreshing.

As a matter of fact, I’m not sure that I have ever finished an agenda from day 1 to day 365. Like is that a thing? Or does every else also purchase a new planner/agenda halfway through the year for a sense of revitalization or because they have outgrown their current agenda?

My agenda has always helped hold my life together; literally + figuratively. And it definitely puts the fun in functional. Why? Because staying organized sooths the soul.

Are you using your agenda effectively? Continue reading to see how I use my paper planner to keep my shit (read: life) together. 

Take control of the week

I love Sundays. Who’s with me? Every Sunday I like to sit down and write out how I’d like my week to unfold. That’s right; I’ve learned to take control over my week so the week doesn’t control me. I suggest taking a few minutes each week to go over plans for the week ahead. Catching up with grandparents? Need to order flowers or a gift for a friend? Attending a daily yoga class—write it down + schedule it in! Scheduling exercise or other mindful activities helps you stay accountable and on task. Also, take this time to look at the previous week and transfer any errands that didn’t get crossed off last week’s list! 

Take Control of The Week

Morning Planning Sesh

WARNING: this will relieve stress.

The first thing I do every single morning (after a cup or 3 of joe) is take 10 minutes to write my tasks + ideas for the day.  I take this time to write down my daily affirmation and start my day on the right track. If I happen to think of other tasks that need to be done but not necessarily that day, I simply write it on the day I would prefer to complete it on. 

*RAD GIRL'S TIP: I highly suggest journaling, especially if you’re having a hard time falling asleep at night because you have too many thoughts running rampant. Grab a small journal (these just hit the shop and are so cute!) and write down your thoughts and tasks for the following day, this eases your mind and allows for a more restful night.

Take a Glance at the Entire Month

I’ve never been a huge fan of the monthly glance pages in planners. Was it the commitment I felt I was making by writing something down on the 24th when it was only the 3rd of the month? I’m not sure, but I have started to gradually bring the monthly view into action. I use this section to jot down ALL THE THINGS that likely won’t change. Whose birthday are you celebrating this month? What about a special anniversary? Perhaps even a dentist appointment or bill(s) due on a specific date! One thing I really love about the Ban.do agenda is the highlighted dates on the month view showing the special holiday / celebration!

Be simple

Keep that shit all in one place. You’ll thank me later when you can find ALL OF THE THINGS in one single place. Remember that journal I was talking about above? Try to find a thin / flat journal that fits easily inside of your agenda! Let them be besties. They need each other, trust me on this.


Watch my latest video on unwrapping the new 2016-2017 ban.do agenda


How do you like to use your planner? Are you a week-at-a-glance or omg-I-need-my-planner-everyday-to-live type of girl?

Ready to rock your agendas world? Purchase a rad journal (3 pack, so you can gift one to your friends!) so your agenda has some company. Use code HELLYES for 30% off! 

Stay Rad,