We're Here to Thrive not Just Survive

A few weeks ago I was driving down Hwy 2 to the small town of Vinita, Oklahoma. Jake and I were carrying on as usual, probably singing along to Jason Aldean or discussing our plans for the weekend. We were coming over a big hill when I noticed a silage truck pulling up to a stop sign on a county road. I assumed he was going to go ahead and cross the road because he had plenty of time to get across the highway before I made it to him. Instead, he remained at the stop sign until we're about 150 feet away from the county road and then pulls out in front of my SUV, while driving 70 mph. I had about .0125 seconds to decide whether or not I was going to slam on the brakes and hope that we can stop quick enough or try to swerve around him without rolling the vehicle. By the grace of God I was able to swerve around him while his truck stalled right in the middle of the one-lane highway as he shifted to pick up speed.

I’m honestly not sure how I’m even able to write this post. Jake and I sat in silence for the following 20 minutes trying to comprehend what just happened and how we’re still alive. Our lives literally flashed in front of our eyes.

It’s all pretty much a blur after the swerve besides that I couldn’t feel my legs to drive for the next 3-5 miles; having to use my cruise controls to speed up or slow down.

I can’t completely explain the feelings and emotions but it has never been more clear to me that my work here on Earth is not done. I am not a super religious person (gasp) but at that moment it felt like God was calling us to go home but then at the very last second he thought, “Nope, they still have work to do.”

Talk about an awakening—like seriously, I don’t need a much bigger sign than that.

This incident definitely confirmed something for me. First, it confirmed once again, that life is too short. It also helped me confirm that I am going down the right path; I’m finally fulfilling my life’s purpose.

You see, I’ve been coaching badass women for a while now and I finally feel like I’m living my passion. The high I get from helping my clients better their life or up-level their business is something that can’t be purchased on the shelf at Target. 

I have hardly done any advertising of my coaching services because I wanted to take it slow and make sure it was something that I was totally in love with before putting it out in the Universe. I literally only put my coaching services on my website and told myself if it’s meant to be then it will catch the attention of those who need my help.

So, here it is, this is my “coming out” letter

I am a Lifestyle / Confidence + Business Coach & Soul Junkie. I dig the shit out of helping women take their lives to the next level. I love getting to share with others the importance of self-love, mindfulness + maintaining a balanced life full of love, confidence and badassery. 

This is your sign. Just do it already. Whatever has been lingering in that beautiful mind of yours, just DO IT.

Now that the world has been lifted off of my shoulders, I'm going to have a kickass weekend full of fulfilling wholesale orders + creating content that leaves women ready to conquer the world.