Why I Thrive On Monday Mornings


Hi tribe.

I am checking in, in hopes to start your week on the right foot, the right side of the bed and on the right side of the fence (you know…where the grass is always greener).

A bit of a confession:

I used to hate Monday mornings. Not only because it was back to the grind but because it meant no mimosas for breakfast. I would actually start feeling sad once 4pm Sunday evening hit because the anxiety of another work week would settle in.

Not anymore, homegirl.

Change your attitude and change your world.


Why I Thrive On Monday Mornings

The 101 on Mindset: your thoughts create your reality. How many times have you heard me say this?! I literally can’t express this enough!


But it’s totally up to YOU. You are 100% responsible for the thoughts that roam through your pretty little head.


If you think Monday mornings suck, then your Monday morning WILL be super sucky. If you start looking forward to Mondays and view them as an opportunity to start a fresh + clean slate then you’re going to have a super sasstastic (+ probably REALLY productive) Monday.

I’ve grown to love my Monday morning fresh starts. Obviously, EVERY single Monday is not always smiles + cheerios but for the most part, Monday mornings are my jam.

Why I thrive on Monday Mornings:

  1. Routine, ritual, procedure, habits – whatever you wanna call it. I LIVE for my routines + morning / evening rituals that are often shoved to the side on the weekends. These rituals are 100% about me and for me. They keep me sane, relaxed + happy.
  2. Start FRESH – the idea of wiping my slate "clean", saying goodbye to yesterday and going for my goals gets me stupidly excited. By the way, we're talking about the really really really BIG goals.
  3. Let’s get physical – “never miss a Monday”; I always do my best to get some kind of heart-pumping workout in on Mondays. This sets the tone for my entire week—so why not start it on the right track?


How do you feel about Mondays? Yay or Nay? Feeling Fabulous or Nauseous?

Leave a comment below and let me know how you KILL the Monday Blues! 



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