Finding Balance + Happiness

I'm shedding some light on a popular, yet sometimes dreary, topic.


Exercise. (dun dun dunnn)

Last night I went for a run and I enjoyed the heck out of it.


Don't roll your eyes quite yet.

I’m not really sure what got into me; I was sitting *contently* in my game room watching Lifetime movies and working from my laptop when suddenly I got the urge to get outside. (I’m naturally outdoorsy in that I enjoy being in the wilderness / hiking + on the lake but not your typical endorphin-crazed-natural athlete, shocking, I know.) So I went out and ran/jogged a short 5K. As a lot of you know, we live in the middle of nowhere and the trail / road I normally take can be a bit challenging. This has caused me to fall in and out of love with running because it pushes me to my limits but also makes me feel like a complete badass when I’m done.

I’m running along and listening to an audio-book when the clouds parted and the angels sang on high—it struck me. I figured out why I was thoroughly enjoying the run. I was having fun and enjoying it because it wasn’t a part of a fitness routine or because I felt like I had to lose weight or gain something from it. I was doing it because I truly wanted to.

I was digging the run - even when I was running uphill and nearly out of breath. 


Sometimes working out, whether in the gym or at home feels like a chore or inconvenience because your main objective is to gain something from it (burn calories, lose weight, etc). And then after a week or 3 of working out on a regular basis and you suddenly don't see any improvements on the scale or the way your clothes are fitting you automagically feel like it's a waste of time or daunting task. 

But what if you changed your mindset? What if you started playing around with a variety of physical activities that ACTUALLY spark your soul and make you happy? 

Finding Balance + Happiness with Exercise


Exercise should be to adults as recess is to school children. Have fun with it! 


I’m challenging you!

I’m challenging you to find one type of physical activity that doesn’t make you cringe and actually makes you happy on the inside. Please hear me when I say, THIS IS NOT ABOUT LOSING WEIGHT, (although a likely side effect) this is about satisfying your inner Goddess by creating a healthy + happy lifestyle! 

Okay, so what if you don’t know what activity really makes you happy and you have no idea where to start? What if I created a super fun 6-week challenge equipped with motivation, inspiration and badass prizes? Would you be in? Let me know below! 

Tell me below if you'd be interested in a super rad + free 6-week challenge!

Can't wait to hear from you!


Stay rad + be kind,


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