How to Start a Blog: Part 1 (Choosing a Blog Topic/Niche)

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So you wanna start a blog? YAY, you’re in the right place. I get quite a few DMs and emails asking how to start a blog so I thought it’d be handy if I compiled all of my tips + tricks in one place. PLUS! I've created a super short worksheet to help you get started!

Since starting a website/blog can be time consuming and a bit overwhelming this will be a series of posts. I promise to keep this as simple and as easy as possible. Deal? First, let’s find your blog topic/niche by finding your passion. What sparks your interest? What kinds of conversations light you up when you’re speaking with others? Let’s start there!

Unless you are planning to blog just for the sake of your own satisfaction you’re probably hoping to gain a few readers and then monetize your blog. Consumers are constantly looking for answers on the good ole world wide web. Think about it, what was the last thing you googled? Did you find thousands and thousands of possible webpages with helpful content?

staying on point

A key point to remember if you're hoping to gain readers, is to think beyond your own interest(s). Although your blog should unquestionably be an extension of YOU, if you're not writing for the benefit of or to help your readers you might as well save your time (+ money!) and stick to writing in your journal. Instead of using your blog as a brain-dump or brainstorming playground, try to write around a general topic. This general topic is your nicheA niche will not only help your readers stay on track with your overall mission but will also help you stay on task when writing new content.

There's a niche for everyone. Here are a few topics to get your brain spinning:

  • Inspire. Whether it is by fashion, home décor or simply improving their overall lifestyle, readers want to leave your website feeling refreshed + inspired to put together a new outfit or start living their best lives ever. How can you help them?

  • Be relatable. Do you have a testimony to share? Can you help ease the fears of others? Have you lived through a catastrophe that could help others cope with a loss or devastation? Sharing your story can help heal and inspire others. (Not to mention, there is something very therapeutic about writing out a traumatizing event so sharing your story can not only help someone else but help you as well.)

  • Goals. Starting a fitness journey or major lifestyle change? Awesome! Why not write out your big plans or how you’re going to do it and inspire others along the way. Sure it’s scary to tackle a BIG goal but knowing someone else has been there can be so comforting!

  • Conquer the world. Help others step into their power and solve a problem! Think about topics that typically frustrate people. Do you have the solution?

  • Learn. Are you a badass DIY Queen? Why not share your projects and teach others how to do the same? If you’re an expert at refinishing furniture, share your process! Maybe you have a knack for making something beautiful out of a pile of junk or you’re a rockstar at all things beauty! Teach the world your tricks!

Rad Maverix - How to Start a Blog

Not too narrow but not too broad

When choosing a topic/niche, make sure it is a topic that you can write about regularly and basically for the rest of eternity...or for however long you plan on blogging for. Look at the long-term goal! Even if you're only planning to post content every other week, that's 26 posts a year! Or maybe you're an overachiever and plan on posting 1 to 2 to 3x a week; that's at least 52 posts a year! 

do you + don't wig out

Make sure to pick a topic that genuinely interests you. Even if you find that there isn't a lot of other people already talking about your chosen topic, I promise you there is a need for it. There are 7,486,008,663ish people in the world, there will be a need for your chosen topic if you are genuinely passionate about it and can provide invaluable content.

It's normal to feel like you need to copy other (successful) bloggers to be successful too. But it will feel unnatural and can come across as phony. Don't try to duplicate an existing blog! Do some research on your potential niche and see how/what others are writing about and put your own personal spin on it. Take a 10 minute brainstorming session and write out all of the ways you can add something unique to your blog/website to make you stand out from the crowd.

After you have chosen a niche don't feel like you're committed to it for life. The blogging scene is VERY responsive and is constantly evolving. Try to be flexible and learn to take advantage of ways to be different...even if that means evolving your original niche.



Please, please please read! There is no wrong choice when deciding your blog topic. Don't let choosing a topic/niche scare you from starting a blog because you're afraid to make a commitment or afraid of making the "wrong choice". Don't be scared to just dive on in and figure it out as you go! Wouldn't you rather start now than do nothing at all? Just do YOU!

Want to get to work on choosing a blog topic?

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Are you thinking about starting a blog? What topic interests you most?