How to Start a Blog: Part 3 (Choosing a Domain Name)

How to Start a Blog // Part 3 (Choosing a Domain Name)


If you're not feeling totally overwhelmed and still planning to start your own blog / website, I have good news. We're finally getting to the good stuff. (Did you miss part 1 and part 2 of this series?)

It's time to pick your domain name! What the heck is a domain name anyways? Think of this as the street address you will give to your friends to physically find your house for a super fun Sunday brunch full of french toast and too much champagne. This is where your readers will find you! 


Domain Name:


Although this step is optional I would totally recommend buying a unique domain for your new website. Something that represents your blog topic / niche, your business name...something that depicts what you're all about, beautifully + concisely!


My best tips:

.COM is ideal. Although there are tons of other TLDs (top-level domains), .com is the most common and established; therefore what most internet users will assume when searching the WWW. I know, I know, it'd be super cool to have but let's get will probably be having a pizza party for 1 if people can't even find your address. (Please note, if you're in the UK or CA, and only providing services or conducting business within your respected country, .UK and .CA are great options if you're not planning to expand your business worldwide.)

Keep it simple. You want to be able to pass along your domain easily + effortlessly. Try to use keywords that exhibit your ideal brand or blog topic.

Keep it short. Try to keep your domain on the shorter side, if possible, to help prevent typing errors and confusion.

Leave room for growth. It's a good idea to create a domain name related to your niche but we don't want to limit your options too much. (Example: I chose to not add "blog" ( to my domain name because I knew at some point I wanted to expand into other areas (tees, coaching, etc).


Choosing a domain registrar

Once you decide on a domain name you will register / buy your domain name on a Domain Registrar site. There are tons and tons of domain registrars out there so do your research if you're not feeling confident in one or the other! I have used 3 different registrars and can confidently say I LOVE It is super user-friendly and their 24/7 help-desk / IT dept. is top notch. TOP NOTCH, THE BEST OF THE BEST, THE BEES KNEES, 24/7 FREAKIN' SERVICE, YOU GUYS.

Popular Domain Registrars:









How to Start a Blog // Part 3 (Choosing a Domain Name)

Registering with Namecheap

I always recommend Namecheap when my clients are creating new websites/blogs. (Need help? Check out my coaching packages here) If you're more of a DIYer, check out the screenshots below for registering a domain with, it's literally 3 steps and BAM you have your very own domain! (Click on the photos to enlarge them)

1. Enter the domain you want to register and click Search.

2. If the domain is available, you will be able to add it to the cart by clicking the Add icon to the right of the domain name.

3. Create account + confirm order!


Are you starting a blog? What domain name are you thinking about choosing?





*This post contains affiliate links. Please know, I would never share or talk about a product / service that I wouldn't recommend to a close friend or something I don't totally love &/or use myself.