How to Get Started with Squarespace


So you’ve created a Squarespace account and now you’re all like, “what do I do now?”…Here are my top 5 SUPER BASIC tips to get you started on the right track with your new website! Before you even add a blog post tackle these super quick tasks to customize your website. Grab a cup of hot tea or glass of champagne and enjoy the process! It should totally be fun not stressful!

1. Add your logo + site description

Go to Design > Logo & Title and type in the name of your blog/website and a short site description and upload your logo. It is best to upload your logo as a PNG file with a transparent background.

How to Get started with Squarespace

2. Create your Navigation Bar

Go to Pages and under the Main Navigation heading select the + to add pages to your navigation bar. These pages will show up in the header of your website:

Although this is pretty self-explanatory, here is a quick rundown: 

  • Page - you can add a "page" to create a Contact Page or About Me page.

  • Products - you will only add a products page if you plan to sell products.

  • Cover Page - this is commonly used as a landing page. Use this if you'd like to create a "Coming Soon" page!

  • Folder - use folders to create drop-down navigation menus on your site. (see my "shop" folder as an example)

  • Album - this is primarily used for adding music only.

  • Index - this type of page collects images and content from OTHER pages and arranges them visually, creating a single destination where visitors can browse content from multiple sub-pages. This is not available on ALL templates!

  • Blog - create and manage your blog posts by adding a blog page! Create blog posts, tag and categorize posts, create a post excerpt, enable comments, push your posts to social media, and much much more!

  • Gallery - used to showcase images and videos in eye-catching layouts and styles.

  • Events - Create a calendar of events.

  • Link - add external links to your navigation. Example: add a Facebook link to take your reader directly to your FB page.

3. Remove “Powered by Squarespace” at the bottom of your site

While in the Pages section of your dashboard, scroll to the bottom of your website and hover over the "Powered by Squarespace" verbiage and double-click. The footer / section will open up for editing and you can remove this text block; after removing the text block click Save in the top left corner of the editing panel.

4. Connect social media accounts

The easiest way to let your readers find you is connecting your social media accounts to your Squarespace website. 

You can add your Facebook Account, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc! These social icons can be added as content blocks all over your website and a great way to get connected with your readers.


Go to Settings > Connected Accounts > Connect Account > add in your account info.

5. Create a custom domain + connect

A custom domain gives you a huge dose of "I give a crap about my blog/website/brand". We all know the saying...don't judge a book by its cover. However, people do judge books by their covers and they also judge blogs by their design and domain!

If you haven’t already, check out this step-by-step blog post: How to Connect your Namecheap Domain to Squarespace

bonus tip - add a custom favicon!

One of the biggest giveaways that a website is being ran on Squarespace (...besides the 'powered by Squarespace' in the footer...) is the little black square in the URL/browser description. I like to refer to this as the little black square of death. I cringe when I see it. 



Go to Design > Logo & Title and scroll down to Browser Icon (Favicon) and add your Favicon! I would suggest making it your logo because at the end of the day the main goal is to have your logo in front of your readers/consumers face as much as possible to gain brand recognition. Open up your desired design program (Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, etc) and resize your logo to 100px x 100px; save as .ico or .png and upload to SS! 


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Do you blog with SS? What's your favorite way to customize your website?

xx, Riss