Why You Should Create a Bucket List



One crucial ingredient to creating + maintaining the "perfect" work/life balance is making sure you're spending enough time on you. This means adding activities to your agenda that leaves you feeling inspired, relaxed, and motivated to conquer the world. So you might be asking, what's the big deal? What does a bucket list have to do with creating a bombass life? Well, whether you call it a bucket list, life list or to-do list, we all need something to keep track of activities + adventures that add value to our lives.

Your bucket list is meant to be completed on your own terms but how many times have you said, "I'll do it later"? Is it because brainstorming all of the activities you want to achieve before you die feels freakin' overwhelming and a bit gruesome? So why not take it one year or even one season at a time? Let's achieve short-term successes and gain lifetime habits. 


A few reasons why I love bucket lists and well…“life-lists” in general:



Keeping + maintaining a list is the BEST way to re-energize! When the dust settles and the excitement of dreaming up your dream lifestyle wears off you’ll probably lose sight of the big picture. A bucket list is perfect to refresh our perspectives and get back on track. Not to mention, a bucket list literally lets you chart your own course in life; even when life gets busy. 


If you’re tired of feeling like you’re not achieving your goals w/ soul or living your 2017 intentions to the fullest it might be time to add some adventure back into your schedule. My favorite therapy is nature. Sad? Get outside. Happy? Get outside! Annoyed? Get outside! Stressed? Get outside! Nature offers one of the most reliable boosts to your mental and physical well-being and helps restore your creativity levels.



Inspire + leave a badass legacy. How would you like to be remembered? Go on and think about it. Years from now when stories are being told by your descendants at the dreaded annual family reunion, what distinction(s) would you like to hold? Badassery? Want to be known as a Dreamer? A go-getter? A get-shit-doner? Or do you want to be known as someone who simply let life go by? It’s up to YOU.



You start the law of attraction. Can I get a HELL YEAH? By creating a bucket list and sharing it you send out #ALLTHEGOODVIBES. Be specific and communicate exactly what you want. The Law of Attraction must be accompanied by a positive attitude and a bit of discipline but things always fall into place as they’re supposed to.



It helps to keep my “what” + “why” on the forefront of my mind. It is so easy to get consumed by the “how” that we often forget about the “what”. This is one of the first questions I ask my clients:

“Imagine looking into the future and living your absolute dream life. WHAT does that look like? Don’t think about HOW it’ll happen but think about WHAT it looks like. Get ridiculously clear on what your dream lifestyle looks like, down to what you’re eating, what you’re wearing, where you’re living, who your friends are and what kind of career you’re kicking ass at.

The answer to this question naturally fills in all of the blanks (your WHY’s). You’re eating healthier because you want to feel better, you landed your dream career because you knew you were meant for ridiculously BIG things, you’re wearing yoga pants because you’re the BOSS and YOU make the rules. These “whys” help define your purpose and will help provide an extra dose of motivation on those “off days” or when you feel like throwing in the towel.

Why You Should Create a Bucket List

What does your dream lifestyle look like? Take 5 minutes to jot down the what + the why.

Get super clear! Tell me about your dreams + let's make it a reality.


You guys! I am ridiculously excited for this Bucket List Challenge.


Fourteen Days. One Bucket List. Free prizes. Are you up for the challenge? Starts Monday, April 10th!


xx, Riss