Cain's + Mother's Day

Now, I can’t promise these weekend recaps every week because let’s be honest, my weekend life is pretty much low-key 99% of the time. I AIN’T LYING.

On Friday, JF and I were debating (JF couldn’t decide if he wanted to go...) on whether or not we were going to a concert in Tulsa or stay home. Long story short, we hitched a ride down to Tulsa with his Aunt + Uncle (they’re the cool/hip aunt and uncle in the family) and then planned on riding back with JF’s cousins so we didn’t have to get a hotel room or drive. Nine times out of ten when we go out in Tulsa we will get a hotel room so we can have fun and just uber back to the hotel instead of worrying about a DD or how we're going to get home. Unfortunately, (cough - JF - cough) waited too long to decide if he wanted to go and the hotel we prefer to stay at was sold out.

When we arrived to Tulsa we were a bit early so we ate dinner at the Mexicali Border Café, I had the wet burrito (sounds disgusting but tastes like heaven) and a margarita. After dinner we stopped for drinks at the Inner Circle Vodka Bar to meet up with the rest of his family. You guys! The Inner Circle Vodka Bar is what dreams are made of, it is SO cool. They have these badass old storage containers (think train car storage) they turned into cabanas and beer pong that is actually played with trash barrels and volleyballs instead of red solo cups and a ping pong ball. It was fabulous & I wish I could have stayed a bit longer.


Photo by  @katiea44

Photo by @katiea44

We strolled over to Cain’s where the Flatland Cavalry and William Clark Green were playing. It was way too much fun. Plus I got to see a lot of friends that I had no idea would be there.

We ended up staying with Jake’s sister + her fiancé in their hotel room at the Fairfield Marriot. There were 7 of us in one hotel room. Three people to a bed and one on the floor. You didn’t catch me complaining though I was just happy to see a bed! We woke up earlyish and headed back home after we received a call about one of our heifers struggling to deliver twins.

We got back to town, checked on the heifer, showered, met Jake’s cousins for lunch and then I *had* to nap before I did anything else. I swear, home girl can’t hang like she used too. I’m pretty sure that was the best nap of my life. That evening we drove over to Cherryvale to JF’s soon-to-be brother-in-law’s graduation party; hung out for a bit, shoved my face with more food and headed back home.

Sunday Morning I woke up early and drove over to the lake to spend time with my mom / queen / favorite goddess. The guys did most of the work, they cooked us lunch and we sat around and enjoyed mimosas. It was such a relaxing day and we couldn’t have asked for better weather.


How was your Mother's Day Weekend? 


xx, Riss



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