Black With A Touch Of Black

Rad Maverix

On Saturday we (Momma J and I) got up early and went to a few estate sales. An activity we enjoy probably too much but we all have our own vices, right?

Attending estate sales has felt a bit different this year. Maybe it's just me and my renewed outlook on life and it's even kind of hard to explain...but these estate sales have felt VERY odd + kind of delicate. I can't quite put my finger on the types of emotions these homes were holding but there was something different in the air as we rummaged through someone's entire life.


This one house we stopped at, appeared to have been abandoned by its once long-time tenants. The beds still had sheets on them, towels still in the bathrooms, tools + paint still on the workbenches. Reading glasses still laying atop a pile of books.

It was like this elderly couple simply walked away from their lives and never looked back. Leaving clothes, books + magazines, comforters / blankets / sheets, wash cloths, photos and other personal items untouched. It makes you stop and think about the kind of legacy you're leaving for your family...children + grandchildren. If I ever have kids, they're going to think I'm colorblind because most of my closet lacks color. 

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Anyways, I really love how this look turned out. A little black with a touch of black and a dab of nude. AND I told you, you'd be seeing these booties ALL SUMMER LONG! 

Rad Maverix
Rad Maverix
Rad Maverix
Rad Maverix
Rad Maverix
Rad Maverix

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What do you think about Estate Sales? Fun or Creepy?




Photos by Kaci Jo Bute Photography

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