25 Acts of Kindness That Don't Totally Suck

25 random acts of kindness that don't totally suck

Sometimes when I'm feeling down or in a slump I put good out into the universe by doing something kind for someone else. Yes, even when I'm feeling cranky and having a pity party at a table for 1; all by my lonesome. This is the quickest and most efficient way to turn any frown upside down. You know that feeling, when you buy a gift for someone and you know they are going to totally freak out and love it so much that you literally cannot wait for them to open it. That’s the sort of high you get by performing random (or not random!) acts of kindness.

The next time things aren’t going your way or you’re simply in a slump, try one of these acts of kindness. Remember, what you put out into the universe will be returned to you tenfold. 

25 Acts of Kindness That Don't Totally Suck

  1. Genuinely compliment someone you know (& a stranger!)
  2. Greet passerby's with a friendly smile
  3. Donate food to animals shelters
  4. Be a fountain not a drain; be the everlasting optimist in the group
  5. Donate clothes &/or blankets to a homeless shelter
  6. See someone working hard? Offer them an ice cold refreshing water to show your appreciation
  7. Send something cheerful through the mail "just because"
  8. Bake "too many" cookies and take the extras to your coworkers or to a relative/friend.
  9. Pay for the toll for the person behind you
  10. Send an uplifting / encouraging email to a friend "just because"
  11. Send care packages to our soldiers
  12. Always hold the door open
  13. Bake a cake for the birthday person
  14. Leave change or a dollar bill on the vending machine with an encouraging "pay it forward" note
  15. Return a shopping cart for an elderly person
  16. See something awesome on Instagram? Compliment their work!
  17. Send copies of old photos with a love note to a long lost friend or relative
  18. Surprise a friend with a happy hour drink from Sonic
  19. Volunteer to walk & play with dogs + cats at your nearest animal shelter
  20. Send anonymous flowers
  21. Offer to babysit so those neighbors of yours can get out for a couple of hours
  22. Always say please + thank you
  23. Give a secret gift to someone
  24. Donate toys + books to the local preschool or church
  25. Tell someone how they have positively impacted your life

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I challenge you to perform 3 acts of kindness this week!

Stay rad,


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