Sprucing Up Our Log Cabin Kitchen (+ Inspo Pics)

If you follow along on Instagram you might know that we finally ordered new kitchen counter tops. I've been (not so) patiently waiting for these since we moved in last summer! I'm so stoked and it has kind of sparked a new sense of motivation to get back to sprucing up our house and making it more of a home. Or maybe it's just the colder weather and I'm nesting? 

So here's my issue: where do you start when you don't really align with any one specific style? I'm not country. I'm not boho. I'm not a minimalist. 

I like minimal but cozy (hygge/Scandinavian style), I like industrial but I also love french farmhouse vibes. Trying to bring all of these flavors together into one cohesive soup has proved to be a bit troubling- especially since the canvas I'm working with is a bit, set in its ways. We live in a log cabin, not one of those homes that look like a log cabin, but a legitimate log cabin and most of our interior walls are timbers of wood. Yeesh, trying to transform a very country setting into a not-very-country-at-all vibe has been an undertaking. 

A little backstory: When we were looking at our house last summer before buying it, I walked in and fell in love with the open concept and vaulted ceiling. But immediately wanted to paint every single log wall in the house. It's too dark and gloomy for my liking. Unfortunately, at the time I couldn't convince JF into agreeing that we should paint the logs. At the time, I was envisioning the walls looking like ship-lap after being painted a light light grey-almost-white color. It wasn't until a few weeks ago when JF was like, "we should paint these log walls to help brighten up the house." AS IF IT WAS SOME BRAND NEW AND NOVEL IDEA! I just looked at him like...


At this time, I've decided to leave painting the log walls as my very last option, mostly because I hate painting and what if we end up not liking the end result?! And also because this isn't our furrever home, so that leaves me with the question: does the value outweigh the effort? Sometimes I wish I could just turn off my business-geared mind.

So we've bought the granite, and the sink and faucet. After all of these are installed I plan to install a backsplash. Not anytime soon but eventually! Something light + airy to offset the moody walls and flooring.

Of course, I've done what any basic woman would do and resorted to good ole Pinterest. Below are a few kitchens + spaces I'm drawing inspiration from.



I just really want to take bits and pieces of each kitchen above and create one big masterpiece! What’s your favorite kitchen + home style? Also, occasionally I’ll go on a pinning spree, see what I’m pinning here!


Xx, Riss