My Favorite (Affordable) Shredded Denim Spring '17

Rad Maverix Shredded Denim

"I hope you didn't pay full price for those jeans, they're barely there."

"Poor girl, can't even afford clothes without holes in them."

"Man this cattle market must really suck, you don't own a decent pair of jeans." 


I've literally heard it ALL! It's no news that I am a sucker for a good pair of shredded jeans even if it comes with a bit of pity / sarcasm from others. 

My absolute favorite pair of jeans are a pair of SUPER OLD American Eagle jeans that were too big. I knew I couldn't wear them anymore so my next options were to either donate / trash them or try to turn them into a pair of boyfriend jeans. Now, they are the perfectly imperfect pair of boyfriend jeans (first photo) and I could LIVE in them. My other favorite pair are also AEO jeans that were actually tore up when I purchased them but I had to work a little bit of magic to personalize them; JF said they were "too shredded" when I bought them, so of course, I had to tear them up even more (second photo). :)


Check out my absolute favorite pair of already-shredded-to-perfection jeans below!




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Are you on the shredded jeans bandwagon? I love how you can dress them up and go out on the town with a leather jacket or wear them with a badass graphic tee to the farmer's market. 


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xx, Riss