Finish 2016 With A (Confident + Sassy) Bang

Rad Maverix


You remember those “freshman fifteen”…well I think it has evolved into the “holiday festivities fifty”.

The leaves have fallen and the weather has turned to cooler temps and all of a sudden we’re not so worried about looking our best—because, you know, no one is going to see us in a bikini in the middle of winter. #LAYERSONLAYERSONLAYERS #HIBERNATION

But what if you traded in all of those worries about what you looked like and focused more on what you felt like? Like I always say, when you feel good you DO GOOD.


Ditch the overwhelming feeling of being sluggish and lethargic after a hefty holiday meal + set yourself up for success.


be your best self.


Speaking of being your best self. Can you pretty please (with sugar on top) complete the short survey at the end of this post? I'm gearing up for 2017 and I want it to be the best and most badass year yet. I want to know what YOU want! 

Don’t you hate it when you binge during the holidays and then feel like a big pile of crap the next day? And just so we’re clear, I’m NOT talking about the guilt you might feel for eating #ALLTHEFOODS but more about how all of the foods make you feel sluggish and lethargic. Or even worse, we let all of those things that make us happy (exercise, mindful time to yourself, journaling, meditation, tea time, etc) slip to the back burner because our schedules are overflowing with gift-wrapping and cookie-making. I’ve been there, basically every holiday season up until last year.


how to set yourself up for success (during the busiest time of year)

Rad Maverix


Don’t forget to make time for the activities that keep you sane. It’s super easy (for me too!) to push your meditation / exercise rituals to the back burner when you’re being pulled in 10 different directions. Make time for you. You'll thank yourself later.


Start the morning on the right side of the bed by getting in good quality sleep. Not that we’re counting, but a recent study found that after a short night’s sleep adults ate an extra 300 calories and tended to choose higher-fat / higher-calorie foods. More sleep and less junk? Sounds like a Win/Win to me.


Don’t forget to get plenty of water in and stay hydrated during the course of the holiday season. Staying hydrated will keep your energy level up! Which obviously means you will be able to grin and bare it when your 3rd cousins husbands brothers wife asks you why you're not married yet without pulling a Brittney Spares in 2007.  


Please, for the love of the God’s above, DO NOT SKIP meals. You may think you’re setting yourself up for success by passing on a few calories but skipping meals will actually set you up for some serious overeating. Grab your favorite healthy snacks and store them in your purse to snack on while you're waiting for the big meal.


As mentioned above, I eat whatever I want. But I’m smart and mindful about it. I don’t stress so much about what I’m eating as I do how much I’m eating. Want to try two pieces of pie? Cut each standard piece in half and enjoy the hell out of them. This is a NO GUILT ZONE.


Feeling like you totally blew it? That’s okay! If you didn’t stick to your original plan to the T, think back on which strategies worked well and file them away in your pretty little head for next time. You live, you learn and then you do better.

Rad Maverix



Please, please, please don't fill your mind with guilt if you feel like you've "messed up". Feeling guilty and restricting your food intake will only lead to an unhealthy eating pattern. Be smart; be mindful; do you.

Don’t forget to find ways to nurture your mind, body + soul. Focus on the meaning of Christmas / the holiday season and set daily goals that will help you enter the New Year as your strong, healthy + sassy self.


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