How I Declutter My Desktop + February Download

ClutteredDesktop - RAD MAVERIX

ClutteredDesktop - RAD MAVERIX

Sometimes my desktop looks something like this:



Disorderly conduct

After designing business cards, logos and Rad Maverix gear, my desktop ends up messier than a 3 year olds toy box. Not only is it distracting but it can be disruptive to an inspiring + motivating environment.

How I Declutter My Desktop:

1. Install a Launcher Program.  *Clouds part & Angels sing on high*

There are several launcher applications but the one that I have just recently started using is LaunchBar*. Sounds like some kind of high energy protein bar, which in essence it kind of is. LaunchBar is an application for Mac that basically reduces the need for file folder icons on your desktop. Once this application is set up, the program is activated with a keystroke combination and then you start typing the program or name of the folder you want to open. LaunchBar will automagically complete the correct name within a few keystrokes and then you simply press “return” to activate the destination. This is much faster than trying to find the right icon on your desktop, especially if your desktop looks like the one above. This is ideal for bloggers or creatives who have several working files for clients.

2. Delete Unnecessary Shortcuts.

Shortcuts on your desktop are not needed if you’re utilizing a launcher program. However, some like to use their desktops as reminders to complete a project or task. You can find several desktop wallpapers that help organize those reminder files by searching google. I’ve also put one together that you can download for free, here!


3. Hide Everything Else.

Place everything else in a generic folder. You won’t need to worry about sorting these files because the launcher program can find them much faster than you can.

How to “Hide” files/drives on your desktop:

Mac: Finder > Go to File > Preferences > General > unselect all of the items under “Show these items on the Desktop”.

PC: Right-click on the desktop > View > unselect ‘Show Desktop Icons”.

*Other options for Mac are Alfred, Butler or Quicksilver. PC users can try AutoHotKey or Launchy.

Download your February desktop calendar here!


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Have you used one of these launcher programs? How do you keep your desktop clean + organized?



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