Making To Do List's Happen + Download

Rad Maverix - to do list

Rad Maverix - to do list

I have a confession to make. I’m addicted to making lists and feeling organized (read more on that, here). I’m the type of person that can walk by an aisle of perfectly aligned shampoo bottles and feel overwhelmingly satisfied.

A few weeks ago, while in KC, a friend of mine and I were feeling a little stressed because of a time crunch. We were trying to find a place to eat dinner (without reservations on a Saturday night…), beat the KC traffic and make it back to a rodeo in time for her boyfriend to rope. When all of a sudden we passed “Beauty Brands”—we were both taken aback by the cleanliness and organization of the store/products. I mentioned how satisfied I felt just seeing how organized the products were. She replies, “I feel like I need to go sit inside that store and destress”. At last, I have found someone who is logistically nerdy as me.

I've been working on making my resolutions happen and using my agenda (currently using the Get To Work Book) has been a huge help. Although, I love this agenda and it helps me tremendously keep on task; I still love my traditional one page to do list. I like keeping my lists on single sheets of paper so they're easy to throw in your purse to take to market or slide in and out of your agenda.

Making To Do List's Happen:

  1. Break it down. Turn big projects into smaller, actionable tasks; plan out which will be the next step toward completing the whole project.

  2. Give yourself a timeline. The more time you give yourself to finish something, the less likely it is that you will finish in that time-frame.

  3. Schedule your to-do list. Pick a time every day (or however often fits you) to sit down and determine what still needs to be accomplished.

  4. Keep it simple yet informative. If one of your tasks is to call the doctor's office, provide the telephone number on your to-do list so you're not scrambling to find it later.

  5. Start fresh. Begin each day with a new list so the old items don't clog up your agenda and you can see action items disappear.

Download your free to do list here!

Rad Maverix - to do list

Rad Maverix - to do list

I'm curious, what goals are you working on right now? Next month, I hope to work harder on what matters and spend more time with family and friends.