Spring Cleaning Checklist + March Calendar Download

There is something refreshing and inspiring about crisp + cool mornings that make me want to spring clean and prepare for the upcoming season. And when I say, "spring clean" I mostly mean the act of ruthlessly throwing away any and all clutter that no longer serves me.

I have to be honest, I don't absolutely love cleaning, but I love a clean home. I'm not the only one, right? Every once in a while I'll get into these cleaning / decluttering moods and I promise you, nothing is safe if it's within arms-reach. I often come across an item and have to ask myself: "Why in the heck do I still have this?", "What purpose does this serve me?", or "How does this item improve my life?". If I can't provide a decent answer for any of those questions, then into the garbage or donation bag, the item goes. The older I get the more I'm learning to live more and more minimally but I'm still haunted by all of the product and items I thought I, once, could not live without. I've also learned that maintaining a tidy home is one that helps you feel relaxed and at ease.

Although daily and weekly upkeep is often needed I've compiled a list of tasks that can (sometimes) be put off until the beginning of a new season. As always, there is never one right way to do things and there is no plan that is perfect for every home or scenario! Feel free to use this guideline and tweak it to find a plan that works for you and makes your house a happy and relaxing home.

(Need more help on conquering your closet? Check out this post!)

Spring Cleaning Checklist Printable


March Calendar Downloads

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Have you started spring cleaning yet? If so, what's your go-to method?



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