Maverix Muse 003 - Currently Loving

Marie Kondo Tidying

Hi friends. It’s a dreary day in Oklahoma and all I want to do is lay up on the couch with a hot cup of tea and watch true crime documentaries.

Coming back to ya to share a few things I’m loving lately. I really love that “Maverix Muse” is sort of a catch-all for random posts that don’t really fit into any sort of category. Let's get started. 

01 Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, a new series on Netflix. Warning: if you watch this, you will NOT stop throwing clutter away! I have to laugh though, because apparently I took it a bit too far. I was cleaning off our bar cart and noticed an empty bottle of Tito's Vodka. So I trashed it. Well, this particular Tito's bottle was wearing one of those holiday sweaters, honestly I didn't think much of it when I trashed it (mostly because JF had purchased the vodka and...he's really not that sentimental when it comes to holiday garb). Until I received a phone call...

JF: Hey do you remember that bottle of Tito's vodka that was wearing a sweater? 
Me: ...Yes?
JF: Do you know where it's at? I don't see it on the bar cart.
Me: ...*shit* Um, yea, I threw it away.
JF: Seriously? Why? That was a collectors item!!!!!

Thank you Marie Kondo. You just cost me $10 on Amazon to replace a freaking holiday sweater for a bottle of vodka!!!!!!!!!!! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can see the sweater here.


02 My 2019 Day Planner. Loved getting to crack open this bad boy the first couple weeks of 2019. If you’ve started in your new day planner like me, here's a #radgirltip to get a head start on the new year:

Write in important dates + birthdays + events. Something I like to do is add a sticky note at the beginning of each month (on the monthly spread page) and simply jot down any gifts I will need to purchase that month. This helps to plan ahead and actually makes me feel like I have my life together a bit better. 😁


03 A new meaning for a garage door. These past couples of years I have significantly parred down my inbox. Deleting and unsubscribing from newsletters that no longer align with my goals or visions. However, I have kept my weekly Zillow emails because I love getting to take a peek inside newly listed homes just to get a dose of inspiration. This little home in Colorado hit my inbox and I'm feeling très inspired. I could definitely see myself sitting in this living space with the garage door open and the fresh spring air breezing through. BRB, adding this to my "must haves" list when JF and I decide to build. 


See more of this Colorado beauty here. Photos by Zillow!


04 My two Seagrass totes coming in clutch for catch all's, grocery hauls + chic storage. The one pictured below, I got back in the fall at the L'Occitane storefront at Utica Square, it's petite and could actually double as a purse. Found this (much larger) cutie and decided to add it to my collection. I've already been using it as a catch all and at the grocery as I'm trying to consume less plastic bags! 


05 Bubly. Have you tried this sparkling water? I've only tried the cranberry flavor but it is really tasty! Especially with a splash of wine! #radgirltip if you're trying to ditch the pop but sparkling water doesn't really do it for you, try mixing a pack of your favorite crystal light with a can of sparkling water! Don't add the entire pack- it will likely fizz over and be way too sweet. Rather simply add half the pack, stir, taste and add more if you desire. I found that a half a pack of crystal light per can does the trick! 


Anyways, that's it for today- hope you have a great week.


Xx, Riss