Maverix Muse 005 - Loving & Lusting Lately (+ Quick Career Update)


Hi, how’s it going? Long time no talk.

I’ve been pretty MIA on social media lately unless you’re following my occasional stories on Instagram- and even those are typically just snaps of my dogs. So I’m jumping on today to share what’s been going on and a few things I’m loving + lusting lately.

First and foremost an explanation as to why I’ve been MIA. I tend to keep my professional life private from social media but thought I should share a bit since it has become such a huge part of my life and who knows, maybe it’ll inspire someone to pursue a career in corp America. Last month I was promoted to the Capital Projects Cost Control Analyst. Stepping into this position has been equal parts exciting and challenging and has been such a fun change of pace. Plus I’ve been getting to do a little bit of travel down to our corporate office in Sugar Land, TX. (Sugar Land is a really dreamy town.)


In this position I’m responsible for controlling the cost of our Capital projects within the refinery (I work at an oil + gas refinery) and it’s exciting to me, because 1) I’m a certified control freak and 2) I love crunching + running numbers and balancing / budgeting. I get to prepare trends and forecasts to analyze where our projects will be (financially) 3, 6, 12, 24 months from now and help identify project cost exposures and overrun risks. It’s truly a dream job and I feel extremely lucky to have landed this gig. It’s kind of funny how things just fall into place when you stop forcing and start letting.

Okay, on to the fun stuff. Things I’ve been loving + lusting lately.

Rad Maverix

01 Cap Toe Nude Heels – It has proven to be a bit challenging to find a chic + comfortable (closed toe) heel for the workplace. They’re calling these the “12 Hour Heel” because they are so comfortable. Yes, they are currently in my shopping bag, I need them!

02 UV Protective Hair Perfume – Last week while my mom was in town we stopped by Bath & Body Works and snagged this new goody. As someone who goes several days between hair washes, I’m a sucker for a good hair perfume. Havana smells so heavenly.

03 Vintage Silver Stacking Teapot – I’m a sucker for vintage housewares. Would love to add this to my growing tea station. Love that it stacks so it doesn’t take up so much shelf space.

04 Watering Can – Watering plants has never been more fun- I look forward to it! I actually keep this sitting out on the kitchen counter, it doubles as décor. I love this one too!


05 How to Raise a Plant and Make it Love You Back – This book is a goldmine. So many cool tips + tricks on raising beautiful and thriving plants. I would suggest this book from the novice planter to the veteran green thumb.


06 Furbo – If you know me in real life, then you’ve probably fallen victim to having to watch my dogs on this cool app on my phone. Several months ago I purchased the Furbo dog camera + treat thrower and it’s probably one of the best purchases I’ve ever made as an adult. It’s basically a security camera that allows you to fill it with treats and toss one to your dog(s) while you’re away from home. This camera has lots of neat features like being alerted if it notices a person in your home or if your dogs are barking. 12/10 would recommend.


07 Desk Sign – Found this cute little sassy desk sign during one of my trips down to Sugar Land last month at a store called Charming Charlie- this store is literally walking distance from the office. Dangerous.

08 Chic Canvas Mules – I’ve been living in these lately. Comfortable but dressy enough to wear to work and perfect for summer.

Bonus: The Morning Brew - If you’re in the mood to receive daily biz updates, I highly recommend the Morning Brew, a daily newsletter catered to young biz professionals that shares short + digestible briefs on the most important business news as well as stock market recaps. Since this is a daily email, I filter them to their own folder so they don’t clutter up my inbox :)


Until next time,