My Favorite Workout Gear

Operation Get Fit - Rad Maverix

Operation Get Fit - Rad Maverix

Operation: Get Fit For Vegas has officially commenced.

Most of you know that the National Finals Rodeo is coming up in December. For my readers that are not familiar with the NFR…it is the premier championship rodeo event that happens every year in Las Vegas. The NFR is a 10-day event that showcases the world’s top cowboy (and cowgirl!) athletes, all competing for the world title. The NFR is often coined as the Super Bowl of Rodeo and awards more than 5 million dollars over the 10-day period.

With that being said, a month from today we will be in Vegas, hopefully sitting at a cute bistro enjoying mimosas. I’m pretty excited for this trip because I have not been on a vacation since two summers ago, when I flew out to Colorado Springs to visit my brother. Normally, my vacations from my day job end up being staycations; I normally work at home on my side hustle, Rad Maverix Brand.

JF has been working really hard to get into shape and he unintentionally motivated me to go along with it too! We started personal training last month and it has seriously changed my outlook on fitness and nutrition. I really think you don’t see how bad your daily habits are until you step out of the picture and change your regimen.

Obviously, I don’t plan to lose a lot of weight between now and December but I’ve noticed how much better I feel when I work out on a regular basis and eat cleaner! When I feel good I'm a much nicer person! This has sparked today’s post; I’m sharing my favorite workout gear! I'm curious about yours too, so leave a comment below with your favorite piece of workout clothing or accessory.

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