VEGAS: We Came, We Saw + We Conquered

Rad Maverix

Phew. What a whirlwind of a trip. Our annual outings to Las Vegas are always fun yet exhausting yet exciting yet tiring. As much as I love hitting the tarmac to Sin City I always equally, if not more, love hopping on that homebound flight. (This feels like a trend...I guess that’s what happens when you love to travel but are also a homebody!)

We landed in Vegas on Saturday, Dec 9th and kind of just chilled at the Casino for a bit. We always stay at the Golden Nugget mostly because we love that old school / classy style of Las Vegas and also because this is where JF’s family has traditionally stayed over the last several decades. Saturday night we hung out for a bit, gambled…ate…drank…this is a common theme for this trip… Eventually we headed to the South Point to hang out with some friends and watch the Aaron Watson concert. 

love notes

love notes

*Spray tan coming in clutch*

*Spray tan coming in clutch*

We didn’t get too wild Saturday night because I had a mini photoshoot with my good friend Tyler Bicknell (owner over at Tyler Bicknell Photography) Sunday morning.

When I say 7a came early, it came FREAKIN’ EARLY. Tyler met me at the Nugget and we jumped in an Uber to the nearest scenic place we could google, Springs Preserve.


We walk in and start taking photos as if nothing is wrong besides the fact that I had not had any coffee yet. We get to the ticket window where we are kindly informed that professional photog’s are not allowed to shoot on the property without approval from the Spring Preserve’s Supervisor…………


So we turn around and walk towards the public street where we decided we’d just catch a few more shots on the way out and call it good. Then we see a security guard zoom by on his golf cart as if he were looking for 2 trespassers 😅. We were conveniently hidden in-between bushes / trees. LOL BUT I HAD TO GET IN JUST ONE MORE OUTFIT BUT THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE TO CHANGE. So we hop in the nearest elevator, I changed my clothes and I’m pretty sure Tyler saw more of me than she wanted to that morning.

We make it a quick shoot and get an Uber back to our hotels. Tyler had another shoot at the Miss Rodeo pageant and my group was heading to Cowboy Christmas to do some shopping. (When in reality all we shopped for was alcoholic drinks.)

Later that night we went to the Thomas & Mack to watch the NFR and then to Caesars Palace where I enjoyed a $19 (nineteen) mimosa; And I thought $11 was outrageous in the ATL! The gang gambled and I continued to get massages while sitting and watching JF play blackjack. When I started dozing off at the card table I decided it was time to hit the sack. 

Monday rolls around and it is the same story, gamble, eat, drink. However, the fun part started at dinner where I got to meet up with an old college friend, Kristina. I may or may not have talked her into going out to a bar and drinking one too many lemon drop shots …when she obviously had to be at work the next morning.

We started the night at the Golden Steer Steakhouse; it was good, although I must say the atmosphere and the service made the experience fun. And WE ended the night at the “western” bar, Gilley’s, inside of the Treasure Island. There was a lot of fun to be had, and honey, WE HAD IT.


It was the next morning that I would swear I would *never drink again* for the 10,000th time in my life.

We eventually packed our bags and got the heck out of dodge and back to God’s country.



Rad Maverix + Brittany Coffee Photography
Rad Maverix


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