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Enjoying the Season You're In + May Calendar Download
Rad Maverix May Calendar

Hello + happy May! Spring is definitely thriving in Oklahoma; flowers are blooming and trees are coming back to life. With the warmer weather, schedules + agendas become busier and before we know it, autumn is here. However, I’d like to take a moment to remind you that it is so important to embrace and enjoy each season. This means, not only the physical season but also the season of life you’re currently in.

All too often, we set goals or wait to enjoy life when a certain time or event occurs. For instance, I’ve heard my friends say, “I’ll be happy when I have $xxxx in my savings account” Or “I will finally be able to enjoy life when I’ve lost xx pounds.” Don’t get me wrong; I too, used to fall for these mindsets. I once said, “I’ll be happy when I’m done with college and don’t have to worry about juggling school-work and a full-time job, anymore.” However, with a little practice, you too, can learn to grab life by the horns and enjoy the season (of life) you’re in, to its greatest potential.

A little backstory: I am the world’s worst at trying to be superwoman and take on ALL of life’s responsibilities. Like mentioned above, this takes me back to my college days, when I was working full time, taking 18+ college hours and trying to maintain a household plus ensure all of our bills were paid, on time. I’ll be the first to tell you, it took a couple crying-out loud-breakdowns to realize I’m not superwoman. I remember sitting on the corner of our bed, crying to my mom because I couldn’t handle it. I couldn't handle every single thing that needed to be done each day. At that moment I didn’t think I was cutout to be a (human) Mom, let alone just a girlfriend or wife. Then the clouds parted, and Mom said:


“It’s okay. It’s okay to ask for help. You don’t have to do this by yourself.”


Well, shit. Why hadn’t I thought about that before?

Of course, it would be easy to say that after those hopeful words, everything was fine and I could quickly let loose of that mile long to-do list that I had been clenching onto for dear life. But, we know that’s not how it works. Fast forward 5 years and I’m finally at a point in my life where I’m “okay” letting others take care of some of those day-to-day duties that once made me feel empowered and in control because I could handle it all by myself (or so I thought). Thinking back, when I was in that season of life, you know, when college is supposed to be fun! I wasn’t having fun at all. Not even in the least bit. I wish I could go back and tell myself to enjoy that season of my life a little bit more, because it won’t last long. Enjoy being an “oblivious” college student because before too long, here comes a mortgage, 401K / retirement planning, car + land payments, health insurance, etc.

It's okay to ask for help

Once you realize you don’t have to be everything for everyone, you can really enjoy the seasons of your life. So, please, learn from me. It’s okay to say “no” when you’re schedule is already overflowing with tasks. It’s okay to ask for help, whether it be your partner or parent(s)!

Tips for finding happiness + appreciating the season of life you’re in:

  1. Make a list of what is most important to you; circle the top 3 and focus your energy on these things
  2. Allow yourself to let go, slow down &/or ask for help
  3. Appreciate that the things that are important to you right now may change in the coming years and that’s okay
  4. Make your to-do shorter + enjoy the process of accomplishing each task

Benefits of appreciating the season of life you’re in:

  1. Making the most of the here and now
  2. Not having regrets in the future as you look back on this time in your life
  3. The feeling of content and happiness with life overall 


Do you suffer from "superwoman syndrome"? How do you let go + work harder on the things that really matter?

Stay Rad,


P.s. - Here are your downloads for May! Calendar // Background Only

April Calendar Download + Revisiting 2016 Goals
Rad Maverix April Calendar

Hello & how's it going?

I'm curious, how are your New Year's Resolutions coming along? Sometimes the shininess of the New Year tarnishes away and we forget about those goals that once set our soul on fire. This is a friendly reminder that we have already completed 25% of 2016. Revisit that list of goals, put your #girlboss pants on and make shit happen!

Revisiting 2016 Goals

  1. Continue the growth of Rad Maverix Brand // launched the Spring '16 Collection!
  2. Stay active + push goals at the gym // Nutrition has been up + down but starting the LG ConfidenceKini Challenge April 3rd! (I plan to vlog about this, so if you're not already, subscribe to my YouTube Channel!) Also, I have been actively logging my meals in MyFitnessPal! 
  3. Want less; give more // This is an ongoing process. However, I have reduced my (clothing) shopping tremendously. 
  4. Work harder on what matters // I have wanted to start a YouTube Channel for a long time---finally jumped in and did it.
  5. Be present (less electronics) // Cellphones are put away while eating dinner. JF has even taken part and has committed to being "more present" while at the dinner table.
  6. Figure out what I want to be when I grow up (just kidding, I’m never growing up, adulting is so overrated) // Still working on this! ;)
  7. Be bold, be fearless, be authentic // Fearless: putting myself out there and making a YouTube video. It takes guts, yall!
  8. Cultivate kindness + wellness // A project is in the works for this! Stay excited!
  9. Promote self-love // I am currently in a beginning stages of a Vlog/Blog series for promoting self-love!
  10. Stay consistent + be supportive // This is my hardest goal yet. I tend to take on way too many activities and let others fall to the side. I am working on "saying no" and staying consistent on what matters in the long haul.

April Calendar Downloads

How are your goals coming along? 

Stay Rad,


September Desktop Calendar + Bucket List


Hola, another month has come and gone. August was a very busy and eventful month this year. We hosted a successful Fair & Rodeo and traveled back and forth to our sister Refinery for my day job working on a (huge) project that should be rolling out the 2nd quarter of 2016. We had an outstanding photo shoot with Kaci Jo Bute Photography for Rad Maverix Brand’s Fall Line—I’m still living off of all the energy from that day! Other action-packed news: we moved to a new home and rescued a dog.


The beginning of an uphill battle.

What is it about having matching glassware makes you feel like you kind of have your life together?

Below is a list of items/tasks I would like to achieve this month. I’m starting a "bucket list" in an attempt to live a more meaningful life.

September Bucket List

  1. Host a successful Housewarming + Birthday Party
  2. Try a new recipe
  3. Log at least 40 miles; running or walking
  4. Research the benefits of lemons + limes
  5. Sort through all of my clothes and donate anything that hasn’t been worn in a year
  6. Count my blessings from the previous week every Sunday
  7. Make s’ mores over a bonfire or fire pit
  8. 2 random acts of kindness
  9. Explore a new junk store
  10. Wake up early on a Saturday or Sunday and meditate or try a yoga routine

Don't forget your free September desktop calendar! Download here!

September Desktop Calendar Download and Bucket List



Do you have any bucket list items you would like to achieve this month?