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Chief Of The Teepee: Caroline Matthews, Founder Of The Luxe Collective
The Luxe Collective - Rad Maverix

Good Morning + Happy Tuesday! I am so excited to bring back another season of the Chief of the Teepee Series! When I announced a few months ago I was accepting stories you guys seemed to be just as excited + pumped as me! Well, let me tell you, I've rounded up the best and bossiest women and this season is going to be a real treat. If you're new around here, I started this series last year to showcase the entrepreneurial stories of mega babes from around the world.

Without further ado, let me introduce the first boss, Caroline Matthews, founder of The Luxe Collective. Caroline is not only an award winning designer but she also loves instilling confidence + love into the lives of fellow entrepreneurs. If you've been around these parts awhile, you know Rad Maverix is all about doing betterbeing better and living our best lives ever. Caroline is the perfect dose of sunshine to add to the #radmaverixlifestyle community of thriving + confidence radiating women. Read her story below!

Tell us who you are, where you’re from and a fun fact or two. My name is Caroline Matthews and I am an award winning bridal/fashion designer and also the founder of The Luxe Collective which is a platform for Luxe female entrepreneurs to help them build wildly successful businesses, build the confidence they need to become epic and fulfill their epic dreams. As part of The Luxe Collective I am also a business and confidence coach for female entrepreneurs too… As you can see I like to wear a few hats, but I absolutely love what I do and wouldn't change any of it.

It just all flows which makes it even more awesome.

Where did the inspiration behind your business come from? How did it begin? The Luxe Collective was started by chance to be honest. Our fashion and bridal [designing] has always been about empowering women through the clothes they wear and also helping them to be more confident so they can go out and live the life they truly want and build these businesses on their own terms. One day my coach at the time asked me why I wasn't coaching women as I was already helping them anyway and was receiving so many messages from women who found me inspiring and motivating so I thought why not… The Luxe Collective is an extension of what I already do which is important to me, nothing competes. It just all flows which makes it even more awesome.

The Luxe Collective - Rad Maverix

What is the best part about being the BOSS? The best part of being my own boss is that I get to be 100% me and build businesses I love; that I’m passionate about. That scream my personality and most of all I get to help and impact women all over the world to realise their true potential. It just blows my mind.

What drives you to pursue your passion each day? What drives me are the feelings that I get from working with my 1:1 clients and seeing them succeed. The other day I received a message from a client who couldn't believe the transformation in herself and also her business, to receive these messages and to see women loving the feelings of wearing our fashion just reminds me every day that the choices I made and the struggle I went through for years figuring it all out were worth it. Plus I believe that we get one life, and that life should only be lived doing what truly serves you and makes you passionate. Far too many women just settle for and have these beautiful dreams and ambitions that never come to fruition so I make sure I am doing what I love every day.

The Luxe Collective - Rad Maverix

What advice would you give to an entrepreneur just starting their journey? My advice is to go for what you want, get clear on your goals, what you are passionate about and surround yourself with women and people who get it. Remember to also be your own biggest cheerleader! We all stumble and worry, but never compare you to someone else's a-game. They could be 5 years down the line from you so always focus on your own game! Getting a mentor or coach is also worth its weight in gold. I was really unsure about it as it was a big investment, but having someone to hold me accountable, help me when I was freaking out and sharing my ideas with was amazing.

What are your hidden superpowers? I always say my superpower is to see what women don't see in themselves, to help them believe and become the best versions of themselves they can be in business and life.

What is your favorite quote? I don't have a favourite quote but 2 that I do love are: Be willing to walk alone, many who started with you, won't finish with you! I was afraid of losing friends or people I knew as I started to grow, until I realised that when we grow, new people come into our lives who are meant to be there, it’s a sign of growth both in you and others. My other fab one is: Your dreams are only your dreams until you make them your purpose.

I love to cook, for me it’s very therapeutic... 

What is bliss to you? Bliss to me is walking in nature, I do it every morning. I love to walk through the woods with my music on, it makes me feel free, and I am full of inspiration when I walk too, that and cooking. I love to cook, for me it’s very therapeutic and at the end of it, a bonus that I get to eat it too! 

What do you like to do in your "free" time? I head to the gym, get out in nature and hike and spend time with my family and friends. Sometimes I have been known to have a binge on Netflix… Love it but then I get addicted I could go through a whole series or 2 in a day so I try not to do that too much.


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Manifest The Good Shit
Manifest The Good Shit

Last week I shed back a few layers of vulnerability and got pretty raw. I briefly discussed issues I had previously dealt with in regards to self-love. Unbeknownst to me, there are so many people suffering from lack of confidence, self-esteem and overall self-love issues.

I received a lot of messages asking for help. Even messages from people I’ve never met in my entire life. To be honest with you, this made me feel ridiculously good in the respect that I’m obviously living an authentically real life and complete strangers trust me (Merrissa – 1, Life - 0). Then sadness settled in. I was sad that others were dealing with self-love issues and felt like they didn’t have any way to deal with their struggles besides reaching out to a complete stranger.

This post is for you.

This post is for the girls (and guys!) that are struggling with self-love, confidence, self-esteem, etc and don’t know how to start living their best life ever.

I want to share with you a few methods of daily practice that have improved my life, leaps and bounds. However, today, I want to specifically talk about journaling.

Growing up I never really had a “diary” or any deliberate means of journaling. Of course I had several Hello Kitty journals but they were filled to the brim with games of MASH, tic-tac-toe and some of those 3D “S’s” that made you feel like a complete badass. Anyways—I think my lack of journaling as an adolescent has something to do with being really open with my parents and feeling safe to discuss any problems I was going through.

As I got older, life started happening super fast and sometimes unbearable; I began feeling a little low on self-esteem. So, I turned to a journal. But this wasn’t until after I realized it’s far more important to push out your positive energy and reduce the negative. However, I didn’t use the journal to write down my problems, my flaws or insecurities. I used it to write down the good shit. I listed things that made me happy. Things I did on a certain day that made me proud. I wrote about my accomplishments. I wrote about the good things that were going on in my life. Before I knew it I had a little book of good deeds, milestones and endeavors that highlighted the best of me. Then my outlook on the entire world, and myself, changed.

Okay homegirl. Do yourself a favor and go buy a cute little notebook and get to writing. It doesn't have to be everyday! It doesn't have to be 1, 5 or 8 paragraphs long. There is no rulebook to journaling but it certainly shouldn't feel like a chore. Anytime you're feeling in the dumps you can resort to this notebook for a quick reminder that you are the bomb and no one is you, quite like you are! Take 3-5 minutes in the morning or evening and start manifesting the hell out of the good shit. 

As always, what you put out into the universe is returned to you tenfold.

Stay rad + kind.