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Friday Five | 09.18.2015

One | Last night was so relaxing! JF and I sat outside, watched the cattle graze and the sun set for about an hour. In between counting how many deer we saw and watching our favorite parts of Family Guy on YouTube, we counted our blessings. One being that JF can finally walk out his back door and take care of his cattle at a moments notice. The other being that he can now walk out his back door and pee without fear of someone driving by and seeing him. LOL…it’s the little things ;)

Friday Five Rad Maverix

Two | While I was working on another blog post I told JF that I wanted to make s ’mores and that it was part of my bucket list for the month…it was a little late to get a fire started outside so I told him we could do it this weekend. A few minutes later he brings me two s ’mores that he made on top of the stove. I am lucky!

Three | Check out this sweet baby heifer. She is so gentle, I've named her Ginger.

Rad Maverix

Rad Maverix

Four | Got to eat my favorite Sea Salt & Caramel Fries at Bricktown Brewery this week with Momma J. If you have not tried them—don’t walk, but run to your nearest Bricktown, you will not regret it! They are the perfect mixture of sweet, salty and spicy. Fresh sweet potato fries topped with bacon and caramel, served with a side of caramel/hot pepper sauce.

Five | I think I should go ahead and purchase stock in Sephora. I can’t go in there and not buy something! I only went in for one thing and left with 6. I’m not the only one am I? Mini haul post coming soon :)



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Five on Friday | 04.10.15

  Five on Friday Rad Maverix

We have finally made it through another work week! These days have flown by lately and I’ve been busy (ier than normal) because I’ve accepted a new position/promotion at my day job. I am thankful and feel extremely blessed to have been offered this opportunity. It was just 5 short months ago I had hit, what felt like, rock bottom, with my personal and professional life. Life has made a turn for the better and I am looking forward to the possibilities and opportunities ahead.

My Friday Five:

One | First things first, we’re going to see Jason Aldean tonight! (Insert happy dance)  Loving his newish song Just Gettin' Started and an oldie but goldie, Good To Go.

Five on Friday Rad Maverix

Two | I’m working on revamping the Rad Maverix Brand website, adding a reward/loyalty program, possibility of affiliates, etc. In the meantime, check out the gorgeous “Katie Necklace” now live in the shop. (almost sold out!)

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Three | It’s funny the things that make you happy the older you get…like being able to balance your bank accounts right to the penny, getting in bed earlier than normal or getting new siding and a garage door. I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel with the renovation of my house.

Four | This made me laugh; life is hard.Five on Friday Rad Maverix

Five | Lastly, but most importantly, I got to see two of my best friends.

Five on Friday Rad Maverix


Have a fabulous weekend.