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Mudroom Paint Refresh

Last month was one for the books for sure. I’ve been trying to find some time to jot down and document some of the updates we’ve made at the homestead but with my day job, my side hustle and annual volunteer obligations, I’m finding it difficult to sit down and capture everything.

This post will likely be akin to my brain on 4 cups of coffee, a bit all over the place.

I was talking with a coworker about some of the cosmetic updates we’ve been making at the house and I was explaining to her that although this isn’t our “forever” home we want to make it comfortable and cozy while we are calling it home. She said, “It might not be your forever home but someday you’ll want someone to walk in and say “wow, this is definitely our forever home”. YES! Exactly! That little comment put some wind back into my sails and really encouraged me to change my mindset on avoiding or putting off tasks just because it might not be a permanent situation. This mindset is applicable in so many areas of life not just home improvements!

Rewind to a couple summers ago: when we moved into our house I only painted the rooms that *needed* painted and left everything else that could be tolerated alone. For the most part, everything was pretty neutrally painted it kind of just looked dull (like a super flat paint). Except for the master bath, it was purple and turquoise. That was the first thing to be updated.

So I decided it was time to paint the north wall in our living area (the only drywall- all other walls are logs). It’s a pretty large space and very tall. I will need to have scaffolding to paint where the wall meets the ceiling. So I found a color that I liked, it was called granite steel or something like that. I thought it would look really pretty against the white bead board and make a nice clean contrast. Since I hadn’t bought any scaffolding yet I decided to paint the mudroom. It was a small enough area I could likely knock it out in a couple of hours. Plus this would give me the opportunity to see the paint color after it dries and make sure I loved it enough to paint the living area.

Boy am I glad I did a “trial” room. The color is pretty but I would not have liked it on a larger scale. The grey pulled a blue undertone, which is fine for the mudroom but not really what I was going for in the living area.

I ended up painting above the bead board and the entire ceiling. The difference in color appears to be very subtle in these before/after photos but IRL it looks SO much better. I especially love the french vibe the flower painting and the blueish gray walls give 😍

This photo was taken before deciding what decor I was putting back up

This photo was taken before deciding what decor I was putting back up

So that was the morning of July 4th. Then come Friday morning I got up early and drove over to Bartlesville to pick up my Lowe’s order. And a platter of Chic-fil-a’s chick-n-mini’s for all of my great help to feast on. :)

It was finally back splash time. Stay tuned, I’m going to write a different post on the process of installing the back splash.

xx, Riss