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Weekend Vlog + Mini ULTA Haul

Rise + Shine my loves.

YAY for a new YouTube Video!!  Last weekend we got a chance to get away from the Rockin' JF Ranch and do a little shopping, eating + relaxing in Tulsa. We enjoyed lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Los Cabos and did a bit of shopping at Golf Galaxy, ULTA & Best Buy. Follow along in the vlog below!


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Spring 2016 FabFitFun Box
Spring 2016 FabFitFun Unboxing

Have you tried the subscription service, FabFitFun? I finally tried it and am surprisingly impressed so far!

What is FabFitFun? FFF is a subscription service that sends you the latest in beauty and fashion, fitness and wellness every season. The box is curated by Guilana Rancic and the FabFitFun team; and each season is guaranteed to have $120+ worth of full-sized product.

**if you haven’t received your Spring FabFitFun box yet, stop here! I don’t want to ruin the surprise for you. 

What was in the box:

  1. Makers Kit Kitchen Herb Garden DIY Kit ($35 value) – this was one of my top favorites! I’ve been adding mint leaves to my lemon water and now I can grow mint in my own kitchen!
  2. Jook and Nana Gold Plated Tag Necklace ($65 value) – this piece was my absolute favorite! I received the gold plated tag necklace that said “inspire”. This necklace comes in 4 different words: love, dream, happy and inspire. This piece of jewelry is definitely something I would purchase!
  3. Jus D’Amour Bath Bomb Trinity ($28 value) – although I have not been big on taking actual baths (in a tub…) lately due to my busy schedule, I’m excited to try these bath bombs, they came in 3 different scents: Sandalwood, Jasmine & Rose; they all smell like heaven!
  4. ISH Beauty Contour Kit in Light / Medium ($32 value) – as I’ve mentioned in the past, make up application is not my strong point but looking forward to figuring out how to “contour” effectively. I currently highlight but bronzing / contouring / baking all sound extremely overwhelming. The colors in the palette are very pretty; however I think the blush is a little too “pink” for me. Looking forward to figuring it all out.
  5. Bodypure Glove and Socks ($10 value) – I was skeptical at first, and you can see that reaction in the video. This is certainly not a product I would purchase but I’m going to give them a try!  
  6. Marrakesh Hair Oil in Original Scent ($23 value) – So excited to try this hair oil! I’m currently using Aquage from my hair stylist (which I plan to continue using once I pick up my new bottle!) and I love how it makes my hair feel. This Marrakesh brand is certainly thicker than the Aquage I’m used too but the scent is so delicious.
  7. HelloLegs ($19.99 value) – This appears to be a lotion/shaving cream combo product. I enjoy using shaving cream but it seems like when I run out it’s not always at the top of my list to restock? Like, I love it, but I can live without, does that make sense?
  8. Merrithew Mat Strap Plus ($15 value) – this is so cool! Even though I don’t take my yoga mat anywhere, I can definitely use this for resistance training. This would be the perfect product for someone who regularly takes a yoga class!
  9. Thirty One Bits ($25 value) – a gift card to an online jewelry store that uses fashion and design to empower people to rise about poverty. I LOVE this. Can’t wait to purchase a piece from them!
  10. Sterling Forever ($30 value) – another gift card to purchase sterling silver accessories. I’ve already taken a look at their website and it is super cute + chic.

All in all, I’m pretty impressed with my first subscription and will definitely continue purchasing the seasonal boxes. Take a look at my video below and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel!


Have you received a FFF box yet? What did you think? Were you happy with the products?

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Stay Rad,


You're Not Going To Believe What I'm Doing!

Hello my sweet + sassy friends!

Big things are happening at the Rad Maverix Headquarters and you're the first to find out! For the last several months I have been considering this and here I am, finally taking the plunge!


I'm starting a YouTube Channel!

As you know, I’ve been in the blogging game for several years. Now I want to bring it to the next level and start producing Vlogging videos! I have a lot of thoughts and ideas I want to share and express to my tribe and I sincerely think that YouTube videos will be the best medium to do that.

So what can you expect to find on the Rad Maverix YouTube Channel?

  • Quick + easy recipes
  • Fitness Vlogs
  • Behind the scenes of Rad Maverix Brand
  • Encouragement videos (Every boss babe needs some encouraging!)
  • Sass + Sarcasm

The Rad Maverix YouTube Channel is intended to bring a dose of sunshine, encouragement + motivation to your day. I have already filmed a video including my March Favorites! Go check it out and subscribe to my channel—you definitely won’t want to miss out on all of the fun we’re going to have.

If there are specific topics you’d like to see just shoot me a message. I have already had a few requests but I want to make sure I’m producing content that the #radmaverix tribe wants to see.

P.S. - As a big thanks for your support + encouragement to start this YouTube Channel, use code "YOUTUBE" for 20% off your order in the Rad Maverix Shop.


Stay Rad,


Chief Of The Teepee - Kelsie Adkins

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Kelsie Adkins, a freelance Makeup Artist, residing in the beautiful state of Oklahoma. Kelsie provided an outstanding job for the Fall '15 Rad Maverix Brand Photo Shoot Launch. Not only did she fit right in with our quirky + outgoing personalities but she made everyone feel comfortable and beautiful in their own unique skin. Make sure to check out Kelsie's YouTube channel!

Chief Of The Teepee - Kelsie Adkins

1. Tell us who you are & where you're from

My name is Kelsie Adkins, and I was born and raised in Ponca City, Oklahoma. I'm just a normal 23-year-old girl who is obsessed with makeup!

2. Tell us about your love for makeup artistry

I've been interested in makeup for as long as I can remember. My love for makeup has dramatically grown over the last 5 years, and still growing! My favorite part about makeup is the creative aspect of it. Yes, I've got my normal "every day makeup look" but sometimes it's fun to just sit down and play with colors and techniques that I normally wouldn't use.


Makeup by Kelsie Adkins | Photo by Chelsea Taylor Photography

3. Do you find living in a rural area to be challenging when chasing your dreams? If so, how do you overcome it?

It's definitely hard to pursue a career in beauty when you live in such a small town. The beauty community isn't as big in Ponca City as it might be in larger cities. Right now, I'm still in the process of getting my name out there. I feel like if it's something you're passionate about and willing to dedicate everything you have into it, something good will come of all your hard work. The way I overcome the challenge of living in a small town & trying to make it big, is staying positive. I am bound and determined to make my dreams come true!

4. What drives you to pursue your passion each day?

I know that one day all my hard work will pay off. I want others to experience the excitement I get when working with makeup. Doing wedding makeup or makeup for a photo shoot isn't "work" to me. It's fun and I love it!


Makeup by Kelsie Adkins | Photo by Kaci Jo Bute Photography

5. Can you share one trade secret with us?

Just one? But I have so many! (Guess you'll have to check out my YouTube Chanel for more tips and tricks) The best advice I could give would be to spend a couple extra $$ and get good quality makeup brushes! I would highly recommend Morphe Brushes ( The quality alone with this brand is PHENOMENAL!

6. What is your favorite motivational quote? Why?

My favorite motivational quote is "Life is too short to be anything but happy." I love this quote because it's a reminder to never spend a single moment dwelling on the negative things in life. Spend every moment you have on things that make you happy!


Makeup by Kelsie Adkins | Photo by Chelsea Taylor Photography

7. What is the hardest thing you've faced since providing makeup to the public? Or a funny blooper while applying makeup to someone?

I remember a pretty funny moment while doing makeup on a girl for a photo shoot. While doing her mascara I accidentally got some on her cheek. A little trick to removing mascara is waiting for it to dry, then with a dry spoolie brush, gently removing the mascara from the skin using small strokes. I was so in the zone that I wasn't explaining what I was doing, and all she saw me do was take something that looks like a mascara wand and purposely putting on her skin. She looked at me like "Are you kidding me???" Poor girl thought I lost my mind!

8. I love watching your YouTube videos; I can't wait for you to publish more! What kind of process is it to organize makeup, film, edit & publish to YouTube?

Ah I love filming video's for my YouTube Channel! It's such a fun process. First I brainstorm and think of a good video idea, then get my studio lights and camera out. Once my little "set" is ready, I'll get out all the makeup I'll need for the video and place it out in front of me. Once I'm done filming, I'll usually go in the next day with my laptop and using iMovie, I'll edit my video. I try to publish a new video every weekend. So if you're interested in watching some of my video's, please subscribe to my channel! It's "Kelsie Adkins".


Makeup by Kelsie Adkins | Photo by Chelsea Taylor Photography

9. What is bliss to you?

Bliss to me, is the feeling you get when you're out in the country driving around on dirt roads with someone you love, with the windows down and not a care in the world!

What beauty YouTubers do you like watching?

Find More of Kelsie here!

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