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April Calendar Download + Revisiting 2016 Goals
Rad Maverix April Calendar

Hello & how's it going?

I'm curious, how are your New Year's Resolutions coming along? Sometimes the shininess of the New Year tarnishes away and we forget about those goals that once set our soul on fire. This is a friendly reminder that we have already completed 25% of 2016. Revisit that list of goals, put your #girlboss pants on and make shit happen!

Revisiting 2016 Goals

  1. Continue the growth of Rad Maverix Brand // launched the Spring '16 Collection!
  2. Stay active + push goals at the gym // Nutrition has been up + down but starting the LG ConfidenceKini Challenge April 3rd! (I plan to vlog about this, so if you're not already, subscribe to my YouTube Channel!) Also, I have been actively logging my meals in MyFitnessPal! 
  3. Want less; give more // This is an ongoing process. However, I have reduced my (clothing) shopping tremendously. 
  4. Work harder on what matters // I have wanted to start a YouTube Channel for a long time---finally jumped in and did it.
  5. Be present (less electronics) // Cellphones are put away while eating dinner. JF has even taken part and has committed to being "more present" while at the dinner table.
  6. Figure out what I want to be when I grow up (just kidding, I’m never growing up, adulting is so overrated) // Still working on this! ;)
  7. Be bold, be fearless, be authentic // Fearless: putting myself out there and making a YouTube video. It takes guts, yall!
  8. Cultivate kindness + wellness // A project is in the works for this! Stay excited!
  9. Promote self-love // I am currently in a beginning stages of a Vlog/Blog series for promoting self-love!
  10. Stay consistent + be supportive // This is my hardest goal yet. I tend to take on way too many activities and let others fall to the side. I am working on "saying no" and staying consistent on what matters in the long haul.

April Calendar Downloads

How are your goals coming along? 

Stay Rad,


Chief Of The Teepee: Alexis Bloomer
Chief of the Teepee - Alexis Bloomer

Alexis Bloomer is a Professional Journalist making big waves in the Western World. She proudly hosts Alexis Bloomer Live, a talk show bringing together the world’s top cowboys and cowgirls; at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. Alexis is also a Journalist for several world renowned publications including: RFD TV, ESPNU and Rodeo News Magazine. Not only is she known for being able to make a grown man blush (on live TV) but also for her massive collection of eclectic high heels. 

1. Tell us who you are, where you’re from and a fun fact. I’m Alexis Bloomer and I am a professional journalist from Central Texas. I’m a shoeaholic (I know it is not a real thing). The first step is admitting it right? Being a short person, I will drop dough on a pair of heels. With over 50 pairs, I have no shame with my obsession.

2. Tell us about your passion for public speaking. Its funny because when I was little, I was always looking for someone to look up to and all the potential “role models,” were not classy and were encouraging the youth to rise to fame through acting more like a Kardashian and less like a Hepburn and it always bothered me. So, I decided to find a passion and be someone that young women can look up to, I want to be someone that proves that you can live out your dream by taking the high road. I wanted to be put in a position to reach a large audience and journalism was the perfect avenue. It started as curiosity of people but it turned out to be I really just love people. In journalism I have the opportunity to interview an athlete after they win the World Series or interview a medical miracle. The opportunities are endless and I know that I’ll never grow bored because I really do love people.

3. Do you find being a woman in your profession to give you a foot forward or do you think, we, as women are still trying to break the glass ceiling? I’m not one to push feminism down ones throat because in my career path, women are dominating the news industry. I, personally, think I’ve broken a lot of the stereotypes for a woman’s role in the rodeo industry because I’m the first and youngest female to host a talk show during the National Finals Rodeo. I’m sure other professions still battle the glass ceiling issue, but news women are powerful right now and I think their role in journalism is going to continue to flourish.

4. You are obviously a busy woman! How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle on the go? t is obviously hard for any woman that has a lot going on to stay looking her best and remain healthy. I used to have a hard time striking a balance between the two because I’m an over-achiever in everything I do, so sleep was a rare occurrence. In my field you have to look your best and show up ready for everything, no matter how you are feeling. The best thing you can do, especially if you travel a lot is drink plenty of water. I carry a Smart Water with me everywhere I go and make sure to drink at least 6 glasses a day, I’m a strong believer that water and eating right can completely change your appearance instantly.

5. What drives you to pursue your passion each day? I absolutely love what I do; my job never gets boring because each day is different. I feel like so many people roll through the motions with their careers because they never take the opportunity to try something out of their comfort zone. Sometimes people think that playing it safe prevents risks, but if you can fail at something you hate…you might as well do something you love. When I was 10 I got a karaoke machine for Christmas and I would spend hours on it pretending to interview people and I knew from that moment, that I wanted to talk for a living (partly because I talk a lot).

6. Can you share one trade secret with us? Be willing to work harder than the person next to you and lose a lot of sleep. Also, don’t be afraid to start at the bottom, we all have to start somewhere.

7. What is your favorite motivational quote? “Adversity causes some to break and others to break records.”

8. What is bliss to you? Bliss to me is being lost in the right direction. I love traveling because I think it teaches you a lot about who you are. It puts you in situations outside your comfort zone and forces you to adapt to new places and I think that is the ultimate form of bliss.

Hang out with Alexis: Facebook / Instagram


Until next time,


Chief Of The Teepee - Kelsie Adkins

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Kelsie Adkins, a freelance Makeup Artist, residing in the beautiful state of Oklahoma. Kelsie provided an outstanding job for the Fall '15 Rad Maverix Brand Photo Shoot Launch. Not only did she fit right in with our quirky + outgoing personalities but she made everyone feel comfortable and beautiful in their own unique skin. Make sure to check out Kelsie's YouTube channel!

Chief Of The Teepee - Kelsie Adkins

1. Tell us who you are & where you're from

My name is Kelsie Adkins, and I was born and raised in Ponca City, Oklahoma. I'm just a normal 23-year-old girl who is obsessed with makeup!

2. Tell us about your love for makeup artistry

I've been interested in makeup for as long as I can remember. My love for makeup has dramatically grown over the last 5 years, and still growing! My favorite part about makeup is the creative aspect of it. Yes, I've got my normal "every day makeup look" but sometimes it's fun to just sit down and play with colors and techniques that I normally wouldn't use.


Makeup by Kelsie Adkins | Photo by Chelsea Taylor Photography

3. Do you find living in a rural area to be challenging when chasing your dreams? If so, how do you overcome it?

It's definitely hard to pursue a career in beauty when you live in such a small town. The beauty community isn't as big in Ponca City as it might be in larger cities. Right now, I'm still in the process of getting my name out there. I feel like if it's something you're passionate about and willing to dedicate everything you have into it, something good will come of all your hard work. The way I overcome the challenge of living in a small town & trying to make it big, is staying positive. I am bound and determined to make my dreams come true!

4. What drives you to pursue your passion each day?

I know that one day all my hard work will pay off. I want others to experience the excitement I get when working with makeup. Doing wedding makeup or makeup for a photo shoot isn't "work" to me. It's fun and I love it!


Makeup by Kelsie Adkins | Photo by Kaci Jo Bute Photography

5. Can you share one trade secret with us?

Just one? But I have so many! (Guess you'll have to check out my YouTube Chanel for more tips and tricks) The best advice I could give would be to spend a couple extra $$ and get good quality makeup brushes! I would highly recommend Morphe Brushes ( The quality alone with this brand is PHENOMENAL!

6. What is your favorite motivational quote? Why?

My favorite motivational quote is "Life is too short to be anything but happy." I love this quote because it's a reminder to never spend a single moment dwelling on the negative things in life. Spend every moment you have on things that make you happy!


Makeup by Kelsie Adkins | Photo by Chelsea Taylor Photography

7. What is the hardest thing you've faced since providing makeup to the public? Or a funny blooper while applying makeup to someone?

I remember a pretty funny moment while doing makeup on a girl for a photo shoot. While doing her mascara I accidentally got some on her cheek. A little trick to removing mascara is waiting for it to dry, then with a dry spoolie brush, gently removing the mascara from the skin using small strokes. I was so in the zone that I wasn't explaining what I was doing, and all she saw me do was take something that looks like a mascara wand and purposely putting on her skin. She looked at me like "Are you kidding me???" Poor girl thought I lost my mind!

8. I love watching your YouTube videos; I can't wait for you to publish more! What kind of process is it to organize makeup, film, edit & publish to YouTube?

Ah I love filming video's for my YouTube Channel! It's such a fun process. First I brainstorm and think of a good video idea, then get my studio lights and camera out. Once my little "set" is ready, I'll get out all the makeup I'll need for the video and place it out in front of me. Once I'm done filming, I'll usually go in the next day with my laptop and using iMovie, I'll edit my video. I try to publish a new video every weekend. So if you're interested in watching some of my video's, please subscribe to my channel! It's "Kelsie Adkins".


Makeup by Kelsie Adkins | Photo by Chelsea Taylor Photography

9. What is bliss to you?

Bliss to me, is the feeling you get when you're out in the country driving around on dirt roads with someone you love, with the windows down and not a care in the world!

What beauty YouTubers do you like watching?

Find More of Kelsie here!

Instagram | YouTube



How I Declutter My Desktop + February Download
ClutteredDesktop - RAD MAVERIX

ClutteredDesktop - RAD MAVERIX

Sometimes my desktop looks something like this:



Disorderly conduct

After designing business cards, logos and Rad Maverix gear, my desktop ends up messier than a 3 year olds toy box. Not only is it distracting but it can be disruptive to an inspiring + motivating environment.

How I Declutter My Desktop:

1. Install a Launcher Program.  *Clouds part & Angels sing on high*

There are several launcher applications but the one that I have just recently started using is LaunchBar*. Sounds like some kind of high energy protein bar, which in essence it kind of is. LaunchBar is an application for Mac that basically reduces the need for file folder icons on your desktop. Once this application is set up, the program is activated with a keystroke combination and then you start typing the program or name of the folder you want to open. LaunchBar will automagically complete the correct name within a few keystrokes and then you simply press “return” to activate the destination. This is much faster than trying to find the right icon on your desktop, especially if your desktop looks like the one above. This is ideal for bloggers or creatives who have several working files for clients.

2. Delete Unnecessary Shortcuts.

Shortcuts on your desktop are not needed if you’re utilizing a launcher program. However, some like to use their desktops as reminders to complete a project or task. You can find several desktop wallpapers that help organize those reminder files by searching google. I’ve also put one together that you can download for free, here!


3. Hide Everything Else.

Place everything else in a generic folder. You won’t need to worry about sorting these files because the launcher program can find them much faster than you can.

How to “Hide” files/drives on your desktop:

Mac: Finder > Go to File > Preferences > General > unselect all of the items under “Show these items on the Desktop”.

PC: Right-click on the desktop > View > unselect ‘Show Desktop Icons”.

*Other options for Mac are Alfred, Butler or Quicksilver. PC users can try AutoHotKey or Launchy.

Download your February desktop calendar here!


desktop / ipad / iphone

Have you used one of these launcher programs? How do you keep your desktop clean + organized?



Tech + BizMerrissa
Chief Of The Teepee: Kaci Jo Bute

I’m excited to share with you the next bombshell on the roll call; you won’t want to miss this. Some times after collaborating with her I feel as if she’s my soul mate. Her thirst for life and inspiring others can leave you speechless. I have been lucky to call her a mutual champagne connoisseur, business partner and (irreplaceable) friend. She has been my go-to girl for all things Rad Maverix Brand + photography.

Meet the next Chief of the Teepee: Kaci Jo Bute*

**don’t get too attached, she’s all mine!

Rad Maverix - Chief of The Teepee - Kaci Jo Bute

Rad Maverix - Chief of The Teepee - Kaci Jo Bute

Rad Maverix - Chief of The Teepee - Kaci Jo Bute

Rad Maverix - Chief of The Teepee - Kaci Jo Bute

  1. Tell us who you are & where you’re from?Hey y’all! I am Kaci Jo Bute. I am from Pawhuska, OK half the time and Stillwater, OK the other half. I am an agricultural communications/animal science senior at Oklahoma State University. However, I am taking a one semester victory lap, just because I’m not quite ready to tell Stillwater goodbye! I am known for excessive amounts of pictures, my love for ice cream, talking with my hands and my funky wardrobe. I am a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, student, and a young entrepreneur who is completely in love with her life.

    1. Tell us about your love for photography; how did it begin?I love this question! Ok so, I helped out at a daycare from age 13 til about 15 before I was offered an actual paid position. My parents had bought me a little Kodak camera to have for when we went on vacations, etc. But I just seemed to use it like any other teenage girl did at the time—for selfies posted straight to MySpace. (I can’t believe I just admitted that.) Anywho, I would snag pictures of the kids at the daycare from time to time and the parents loved them! On my 16th birthday my parents and grandparents bought me a camera. However, I loved taking pictures then, but business-wise things didn’t really take off until about 3 years ago, and every year gets busier and busier!

      1. Do you find living in a rural area to be challenging when chasing your dreams? If so, how do you overcome it?I think being from a rural area definitely has its challenges. There are other photographers in my area, meaning that the town is split between photographers, go us! But I have never felt like being from Pawhuska has held me back from chasing my dreams, if anything it has opened so many doors. I went from only taking pictures of people I knew to getting calls from complete strangers and businesses still from my area, and some of those people have become amazing friends that I now take pictures for once if not twice a year. Also, people from my hometown have recommended me to their family that live other places. One of the things that I take pride in is that my little photography business has been from mostly word of mouth. I owe everything my business is to my little rural town!

        1. What drives you to pursue your passion each day?The thought of waking up and having another day to chase it! My parents and friends are extremely supportive in all that I do, so that definitely helps. As tiring and emotional owning your own business can be, the lows are still highs because I am still doing what I love.

          1. Can you share one trade secret with us?I think the secret that so many people miss out on is loving their customers. I LOVE my customers. My customers get hugs, a hand written note, and I consider them an extended family. I think so many people, no matter what business they are in focus on the “business aspect” and forget why they started, and why they have kept going. My customers are my happy place, I do it because I love to see their smiles.

            1. What is your favorite motivational quote? Why?I have SO many, but the latest that I have come across that I have fallen in love with is, “You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestation of your own blessings.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

              1. What is the hardest thing you’ve faced since starting Kaci Jo Bute Photography? How did you overcome it?The hardest thing I have faced since starting Kaci Jo Bute Photography was just learning to balance being a full-time double-major student at OSU and trying to be a full-time photographer. I still struggle with it from time to time, but have learned that my customers understand. They understand that I am not going to finish editing their session during a test week. I have lots of help though, there are so many people working their butt off to help me out behind the scenes!

                1. What is bliss to you?Goodness, that’s hard. I think bliss is when your inside is smiling just as much as your face shows, and vice versa. My mama always reminded me not to just be concerned about being pretty on the outside, but also on the inside. I think it goes the same for being blissful.

Get more of Kaci Jo in your life:





Chief Of The Teepee: Paige Poppe

I’ve been working on this blog series for the last few months (literally). My goal is to feature the best boss babes I know to share their inspiring stories with you. I hope this series will allow my readers to recognize that you don’t have to be stuck in the 9-5 cubicle grind if you don’t want to. Of course, some people like the stability (*raises hand*) of knowing they show up to work every day and receive a steady paycheck every two weeks. On the other hand, what makes your fire light up? What fills your love-tank? Building your own dream business (*raises other hand*) or helping someone else at the top of the food chain, build their dream?

I’m so excited to share these ladies with you; I truly believe I have rounded up the best of the best ladypreneurs, who will share their successes, failures and triumphs (+ a trade secret or two!). I’m kicking off this series with the lovely Paige Poppe. This boss not only has a background in Architecture but killer painting skills and her very own podcast!

Interview with Chief of the Teepee, Paige Poppe:

  1. Tell us who you are & where you’re from?

My name is Paige Poppe and I am an artist living + creating in my native state of Arizona. I work in watercolor and acrylic paint, and my favorite canvases to paint on are paper, wood, and skateboards.  I just moved back to Arizona after living in California for the past 5 years where I was getting my Bachelor of Architecture degree.

  1. Tell us about your thirst for art and when/how it started.

I've been busy and creative from a very young age. I feel like a lot of people say that, but I guess it's just ingrained in us! I am an only child, so I think I was even further encouraged to make things + paint because it was the perfect thing for me to do solo and entertain myself.

As I got older, I've been lucky to have very inspirational art teachers and architectural professors that have encouraged my pursuit to be an artist. I was doing my art pretty casually the first few years of college, but I lost touch with painting when I studied abroad 2 years ago and didn't have my acrylic painting supplies with me. Luckily my friend Elsa convinced me to take a watercolor class with her while we were studying in Copenhagen, which really ignited my desire to paint again, and I fell totally in love with the medium. I started spending over 3 hours just sitting in a park and painting what I saw. Since then, I've adopted the habit of painting every day, which is very rewarding and meditative.

  1. Do you find living in the state of Arizona to reflect in your artwork & style?

Absolutely, especially in the work I have created this summer. I just moved back to Arizona after living in California for the past 5 years where I was getting my Bachelor of Architecture. My return to the desert was really reflected in my work these past few months!

Now that fall is approaching I can feel the darker cool-toned colors creeping in, and I think more architectural influences will start appearing in my paintings.

(See some of Paige's Fall-inspired art below)

Rad Maverix

Rad Maverix

  1. What drives you to pursue your passion each day?

I am naturally very creative and love to work with my hands, so it's a bit ingrained into me to pursue my passions. But I will say that one thing lately that has been very encouraging is the response I am getting from people who purchase my original paintings. They have told me some very poetic things about why they connect with my artwork, and some of the stories are very personal. I love to hear these stories. They motivate to keep sharing my vision with others, because they tell me it inspires them and brings them joy.


Photo by Hannah Minker (Insta: @minkmade)

  1. Can you share one trade secret with us?

I really believe that good photography is make or break for an online creative business. One of the best investments I've made is a quality tripod. I don't always have someone around to help me take photos or videos, so it is like my in-house photographer and videographer! Haha.

  1. What is your favorite motivational quote? Why?

We already spoke about pursuing your passions, but my favorite quote is "If you pursue your creativity, your life will be prosperous." I found this quote in a fortune cookie of all places! I really love it though, and it resonates with me. I have found so much happiness is pursuing my artwork and a career in architecture. Even if I have a  bad day, painting is always there for me as an outlet.

  1. What is the hardest thing you’ve faced since starting your business? How did you overcome this?

Remembering to shut off is hard for me, because I love what I do. If I finish up a big piece by the end of the day, but am still in the mood to create, I will want to sit down and edit a video, or write a blog post, because I simply love it. I try to remember to tune things out and just relax or spend time with my family instead of pushing in those extra couple hours.

  1. What is bliss to you?

When I'm in creative mode, bliss is the morning daylight flooding my desk, an iced latte, and quiet watercolor time. When I'm just relaxing, I love long drives with my boyfriend Jake just talking a lot and listening to music while we drive.


Photo by Asia Croson (Insta: @asiacrosonphotography)

See more of Paige here!


Hear more from me:


Periscope: Paige_Poppe

Stay rad,


March Desktop Calendar | Spring Pinspiration

I'm welcoming March with open arms; we're getting so much closer to spring and (hopefully) warmer weather. Only 3 weeks until the official first day of spring and 12 weeks until Memorial Day Weekend!

Key dates for March:

3/08 - Daylight Savings Time

3/17 - Saint Patrick's Day

3/20 - 1st Day of Spring



 Download the March desktop calendar below:

pdf | jpeg | png




















Until next time,


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