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Reflections + Lessons Learned From 201
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A few weeks ago I asked what you, my blog readers + real life besties, wanted to see on the Rad Maverix Blog in 2017. Quite a few responses included wanting to see more real-life / personal blog (+vlogs! are you subscribed to my YouTube channel?) posts. Someone even went as far as saying, “I keep coming back because you're transparent.” Which brings me to my next point, 2016 was f*ing hard (sorry, mom).

I’m not going to “front” or act like last year was the best year of my entire life because it truly had its hurdles but it also had its triumphs. I’m coining 2016 as the year of growth. I grew A LOT last year. In more ways than I can even measure but let’s review a few key points; you know, for shits and giggles.


I was vulnerable. A characteristic I have rarely exhibited in my short 26 years on this beautiful earth. I explored a soul-searching journey that I wish I had started years ago. I have to laugh a bit at that last statement because I truly believe that our entire life is actually a soul-searching journey in itself, some just become aware before others.

I forgave. I forgave those who were sorry and those who weren’t. I mended friendships that had previously fizzled and I also let go of those people who no longer added value to my life. After deciding to forgive, the weight of holding a grudge was immediately lifted off of my shoulders and I was able to live a freer life. If you're struggling with forgiving someone, check out this post.

I created a sisterhood // the #radmaverixlifestyle. This is one of my proudest takeaways from 2016. The Rad Maverix Lifestyle was created in hopes to spread a bit of positivity and a whole lot of sass and confidence. This sisterhood is all about being authentic + real, with ourselves and others. It’s about trying your hardest and challenging yourself to be the best version of you; no matter where you are in your life's journey. This community is about giving back and paying it forward when you have the opportunity. It’s about supporting and lifting up those around you. I am seriously so proud to know every single woman that has joined this sisterhood...I like to call it...the raddest community on earth.

I took risks. This is a double whammy. I took risks in both my personal and business life.

Biz Risks – I took a H-U-G-E risk and started offering coaching programs last year. I was scared shitless because my ego tried making me think that I had nothing special to offer (SPOILER ALERT: WE ARE ALL GODDESSES AND WE ALL HAVE SOMETHING TO OFFER). A short year later and I’m at a point where I can’t accept all of the clients that I would like to because I’ve *finally* learned to maintain a sacred balance between the hustle life and my social life. This is a feat in and of itself and I find that my work/life balance is refined more beautifully every single day. #progressoverperfection

Another big biz risk I took was creating the 30 Day Finding Balance + Happiness Lifestyle Challenge. I wasn’t sure if this challenge would be a success or not but I poured my heart and soul into this project. Yes, it was a bit scary not knowing how well it’d go over but holy shit you guys. This challenge is CHANGING LIVES. You can find more on the next challenge, starting Feb 1, here.

Personal Risks – I took risks in my personal life when I got super FREAKING raw with my “friends” of the inter-webs (blog, insta, fb, etc). It’s easy to put on a front to your “followers” on Instagram and allow them to believe you're living a picture perfect life. But how does that help others? How does it add value to their lives? How does it inspire others to live life on their own terms? How does it encourage others to know that it’s okay to have those “off days” or to feel sad; as long as you get right back up and be better, do better.

I also allowed people back into my life who had previously “wronged” me in one way or another. This was a big hurdle AND triumph for me. Sometimes I come off as naive because I am so trustworthy of others. I was raised to treat others as I would like to be treated but please don't get it twisted (cue Beyonce's "Flawless"), I see very clearly who is rooting for me. I see who is cheering me on and wishing me the best and these people will ALWAYS be at the top of my priority list. Unfortunately, at some point in your life you have to learn that not everyone has the same intentions as you or on the same team as you. Not everyone wants the best for YOU, especially if it's inconvenient for them. (PRO TIP: these type of people have GOT TO GO.)


"Givers have to learn to set limits because takers don't have any."


I realized it's okay to not fit inside society's box. Because who wants to be kept inside of a stuffy ole box anyways? A lot of the things I do are considered out of the ordinary to others. From my daily routines / rituals to running my business to the way I can fearlessly and easily forgive others and move forward with life. ALWAYS DO YOU.


I defined a style that is ALL MINE + ALL ME. I am not defined by the clothes or brands I wear. I cannot be defined as western/country + city slicker mix. Not even my past can define who I am today.

I am defined by my heart and the way I treat others. I am defined by the way I help those who are helpless and the way I try my hardest to give back. And finally, I am defined by the way I try to leave this world in a little bit better condition than the way I found it. I am perfectly imperfectly me. 

Rad Maverix


2016 Lesson learned:

always Choose to see love + the good in others.

always make decisions with your heart and you’ll never make a wrong decision in your life.

learn your strengths + weaknesses and no one will be able to use them against you.



What did you learn last year? How will those lessons allow you to live your best life ever this year?




Finish 2016 With A (Confident + Sassy) Bang
Rad Maverix


You remember those “freshman fifteen”…well I think it has evolved into the “holiday festivities fifty”.

The leaves have fallen and the weather has turned to cooler temps and all of a sudden we’re not so worried about looking our best—because, you know, no one is going to see us in a bikini in the middle of winter. #LAYERSONLAYERSONLAYERS #HIBERNATION

But what if you traded in all of those worries about what you looked like and focused more on what you felt like? Like I always say, when you feel good you DO GOOD.


Ditch the overwhelming feeling of being sluggish and lethargic after a hefty holiday meal + set yourself up for success.


be your best self.


Speaking of being your best self. Can you pretty please (with sugar on top) complete the short survey at the end of this post? I'm gearing up for 2017 and I want it to be the best and most badass year yet. I want to know what YOU want! 

Don’t you hate it when you binge during the holidays and then feel like a big pile of crap the next day? And just so we’re clear, I’m NOT talking about the guilt you might feel for eating #ALLTHEFOODS but more about how all of the foods make you feel sluggish and lethargic. Or even worse, we let all of those things that make us happy (exercise, mindful time to yourself, journaling, meditation, tea time, etc) slip to the back burner because our schedules are overflowing with gift-wrapping and cookie-making. I’ve been there, basically every holiday season up until last year.


how to set yourself up for success (during the busiest time of year)

Rad Maverix


Don’t forget to make time for the activities that keep you sane. It’s super easy (for me too!) to push your meditation / exercise rituals to the back burner when you’re being pulled in 10 different directions. Make time for you. You'll thank yourself later.


Start the morning on the right side of the bed by getting in good quality sleep. Not that we’re counting, but a recent study found that after a short night’s sleep adults ate an extra 300 calories and tended to choose higher-fat / higher-calorie foods. More sleep and less junk? Sounds like a Win/Win to me.


Don’t forget to get plenty of water in and stay hydrated during the course of the holiday season. Staying hydrated will keep your energy level up! Which obviously means you will be able to grin and bare it when your 3rd cousins husbands brothers wife asks you why you're not married yet without pulling a Brittney Spares in 2007.  


Please, for the love of the God’s above, DO NOT SKIP meals. You may think you’re setting yourself up for success by passing on a few calories but skipping meals will actually set you up for some serious overeating. Grab your favorite healthy snacks and store them in your purse to snack on while you're waiting for the big meal.


As mentioned above, I eat whatever I want. But I’m smart and mindful about it. I don’t stress so much about what I’m eating as I do how much I’m eating. Want to try two pieces of pie? Cut each standard piece in half and enjoy the hell out of them. This is a NO GUILT ZONE.


Feeling like you totally blew it? That’s okay! If you didn’t stick to your original plan to the T, think back on which strategies worked well and file them away in your pretty little head for next time. You live, you learn and then you do better.

Rad Maverix



Please, please, please don't fill your mind with guilt if you feel like you've "messed up". Feeling guilty and restricting your food intake will only lead to an unhealthy eating pattern. Be smart; be mindful; do you.

Don’t forget to find ways to nurture your mind, body + soul. Focus on the meaning of Christmas / the holiday season and set daily goals that will help you enter the New Year as your strong, healthy + sassy self.


Please complete this (SUPER FREAKING) short survey!!

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Why I Love to Unplug + How You can Too


A couple years ago I learned that turning and keeping my phone on silent / vibrate significantly improved my life. No, really, hear me out! It all started one day when I was googling “How to reduce stress”. This little gem popped up:


“Turn your mobile device ringtone to the lowest volume setting or vibrate to help reduce stress + anxiety.”


Really? That’s it? I can get on-board with that RIGHT MEOW.



The Pros:

  • You don’t have to worry about being that person at the movie theater who forgot to turn their phone off
  • You’re not constantly living around the sounds + obnoxious ringtones chiming from your purse or back pocket (This is what did it for me!)
  • You feel freakin' free from the world


The Cons:

  • The sound of others' phones relentlessly sounding off is sometimes unbearable ;)


My VERY favorite part is that I can basically be reached when I want to be reached. Essentially, it's my way to "unplug" from the world on the daily. I love how I’m not living around my phone or the convenience (...or nuisance? you decide.) of being reached that our mobile devices give us and others.


Here are some other tricks to unplug + live in the NOW


Ditch scrolling Facebook / Insta while walking.

Take a look around and enjoy your view(s) of nature. Try to spot something that you’ve never noticed before!


Get a real life old school alarm clock. (Warning: THIS IS A GAME-CHANGER.)

While using your smartphone as your morning alarm clock is super handy + convenient…it also makes it super handy + convenient to lay in bed a peruse social media for 30 minutes before getting up for the day. THINK ABOUT ALL OF THE TIME YOU’LL ADD TO YOUR DAY! Use this time to do something good for yourself.


No phones at the dinner table.

We always try our hardest to enjoy the meal + company at dinner time. Who knows, you might learn something new about your significant other or kids when your phone isn’t in your face! 


get lost.

Do something physical, like take a hike, with your friends. Go for a walk, take a yoga class together, get outside, just go! ... When you're socializing and being physical, you're less likely to multi-task with social media or be on your phone. Enjoy the HERE + NOW.


ditch the notifications.

I prefer not to get a notification every single time someone "likes" a post or "mentions" me in a post on Facebook / Insta. It actually stresses me out a little. Checking social media on my own time + terms allows me to take control of my time spent on Social Media and not feeling like I constantly need to be checking out what's going on.

pin for later!


What are your thoughts? How do you unplug from the world?





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Ditch Self Guilt + Pass Me The Cookies
Ditch Self Guilt + Pass Me The Cookies

What if you woke up today and didn’t feel guilt for yesterday’s choices? Think about it. What are you currently feeling guilty about that is within the realm of your control?

Perhaps you gave in to the temptation of those delicious chocolate cookies. Did you immediately regret it or feel remorse the next day? What about your business endeavors? Did you write down a goal and not meet it the first time?

Did you get down on yourself and then try to brush it off like you’re a failure?


“I already messed up today, might as well wait to get on track next Monday”.


“I didn’t reach my goal. I obviously can’t make it happen.”


Did you know that these feelings of guilt mentioned above make you indulge EVEN MORE instead of better helping you stick to your goals? 


Do better + be better, today



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Ditch Self Guilt + Pass Me The Cookies

Stop scolding

Self-guilt + scolding is the devil. It really is. It has the total opposite effect you’re actually trying to achieve. You go through the pain of belittling yourself and instead of being a rad babe who had a small slip-up; you’re now viewing yourself as a complete failure. Then guess what? You get this mindset of, “Well, shit, I already messed up, I might as well eat/drink whatever I want!” or “I’m obviously not cut out for this entrepreneurial crap”.

ditch the pity party

Seriously! The sorrier you feel the more likely it is you will give up on all of your goals ENTIRELY! When you feel sorry for yourself you instill the false belief that you can’t make your goals happen at all. #NOTHANKS

All you need to do is simply acknowledge that you messed up or didn’t reach a goal the first time and move on. You will get back on track much MUCH sooner when you’re not sulking in your mishaps. Don’t dwell—just move forward, do better, be better.

I used to believe that one small mistake would ruin my entire goal &/or progress. I would totally stress myself out because I had this overwhelming feeling that I had to be PERFECT ALL THE TIME in order to see the results I wanted, whether in business / projects &/or overall wellness. Now, I just wake up every single day with the intentions to KILL IT in all aspects of my life.

Try it. It’s a game changer. 




Did you sign up for the 30-day challenge? It's not too late! 

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The Difference Between Forgiveness + Acceptance
The difference between forgiveness + acceptance

I was triggered last night. Like big time.

Backstory: Several years ago a couple girls were talking about me to another girl, who happens to be a friend of mine. You can probably tell from the title of this post that those two girls weren’t speaking very highly of me. I think their exact words were, “She’s just a gold digger.”

As tough as I can act on the outside that shit hurt. Like deep. It hurt for several different reasons but mostly because I have never acted unfriendly or hostile towards these girls. Hell—I barely knew these girls at this point in time!

Fast Forward: Any and every time I see these girls I let myself get triggered. Then, I immediately get the urge to tell everyone what they said about me. But why? In hopes that others won’t find them appealing anymore? How does this benefit me? SPOILER: IT DOESN'T.

I let those words consume me for 5 years. Five freaking years. I would let those nasty “statements” creep up and the hurt would ignite all over again like it was a fresh wound.

Women don’t bash women, girls do.

So after feeling triggered last night, I went home and did a little bit of soul-searching + contemplation and finally got to the root of all of this. I know those words they spoke about me aren’t true so why am I letting it affect me? Why am I letting their ridiculous assumptions consume my thoughts?

I don’t have to accept their nasty words but I can forgive them. Especially if it removes stress and anxiety out of my life each time I see them.

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The difference between forgiveness + acceptance

Learn from me:

Forgiveness does not mean acceptance.

It doesn’t mean that the situation is okay or it was acceptable that someone hurt you. This is where people often get confused. Hell, I didn’t think I would ever be able to let this go.

You forgive someone for you, not the other person(s). You forgive them so you don’t get sick at the sight of their face or have a cloud of resentment hanging over you. Do you honestly think their words or actions are bothering them? No, it’s you who ends up walking around angry or sad. It’s likely that they don’t even know nor have any idea the impact or hurt they have laid upon you.

Now I’m not saying this is an easy task—obviously, I’ve been meddling over this situation for five freaking years. Forgiveness only happens when you have processed out the feelings of hurt.


Acceptance is simply accepting the fact that it happened. We can’t reverse time, we can’t change things that have happened in the past, all we can do is accept that it did happen and see what we can learn from it. It can be hard as hell to learn from negative experiences when you're still processing the hurt but there is always something that comes out of it that you can be grateful for. For instance, it made me realize the type of person I don’t want to be. I don’t want to judge others without knowing their story. Without these experiences, we might suffer less pain and hurt but we also would not have the opportunity to grow and be better people. Personally, I would not have grown and would not have went on my journey of self-discovery and then go on to help others; learning about myself and connecting to my own happiness + fulfillment has been one of the most amazing things I have done in my life.

Another kicker, resolving something in yourself and deciding to forgive someone and let it go doesn’t mean you have to tell that person you forgive them. You do it for you, so you aren’t damaged by holding negativity for long periods of time. Forgiveness is an inner process, something you do deep inside of you and if you choose you can reach out to forgive someone, but don’t ever feel obligated to do so.

Letting go is where you should end up at the end of the forgiveness process. You let go of any attachment to negativity about the event, to resentment about the event and to the event itself. In other words, you can think about it without getting overly emotional or having big reactions.  You can think and talk about it like you were telling a story about someone else because you have healed it not because you are detached from it or numb to it.

As long as there are no hard feelings in the end, that’s what matters for you.

Are you struggling to forgive someone who has wronged you?  Get to the root of it, learn from it and heal from it. I would love to hear your best methods to forgiving! Leave a comment or shoot me a message!



We're Here to Thrive not Just Survive

A few weeks ago I was driving down Hwy 2 to the small town of Vinita, Oklahoma. Jake and I were carrying on as usual, probably singing along to Jason Aldean or discussing our plans for the weekend. We were coming over a big hill when I noticed a silage truck pulling up to a stop sign on a county road. I assumed he was going to go ahead and cross the road because he had plenty of time to get across the highway before I made it to him. Instead, he remained at the stop sign until we're about 150 feet away from the county road and then pulls out in front of my SUV, while driving 70 mph. I had about .0125 seconds to decide whether or not I was going to slam on the brakes and hope that we can stop quick enough or try to swerve around him without rolling the vehicle. By the grace of God I was able to swerve around him while his truck stalled right in the middle of the one-lane highway as he shifted to pick up speed.

I’m honestly not sure how I’m even able to write this post. Jake and I sat in silence for the following 20 minutes trying to comprehend what just happened and how we’re still alive. Our lives literally flashed in front of our eyes.

It’s all pretty much a blur after the swerve besides that I couldn’t feel my legs to drive for the next 3-5 miles; having to use my cruise controls to speed up or slow down.

I can’t completely explain the feelings and emotions but it has never been more clear to me that my work here on Earth is not done. I am not a super religious person (gasp) but at that moment it felt like God was calling us to go home but then at the very last second he thought, “Nope, they still have work to do.”

Talk about an awakening—like seriously, I don’t need a much bigger sign than that.

This incident definitely confirmed something for me. First, it confirmed once again, that life is too short. It also helped me confirm that I am going down the right path; I’m finally fulfilling my life’s purpose.

You see, I’ve been coaching badass women for a while now and I finally feel like I’m living my passion. The high I get from helping my clients better their life or up-level their business is something that can’t be purchased on the shelf at Target. 

I have hardly done any advertising of my coaching services because I wanted to take it slow and make sure it was something that I was totally in love with before putting it out in the Universe. I literally only put my coaching services on my website and told myself if it’s meant to be then it will catch the attention of those who need my help.

So, here it is, this is my “coming out” letter

I am a Lifestyle / Confidence + Business Coach & Soul Junkie. I dig the shit out of helping women take their lives to the next level. I love getting to share with others the importance of self-love, mindfulness + maintaining a balanced life full of love, confidence and badassery. 

This is your sign. Just do it already. Whatever has been lingering in that beautiful mind of yours, just DO IT.

Now that the world has been lifted off of my shoulders, I'm going to have a kickass weekend full of fulfilling wholesale orders + creating content that leaves women ready to conquer the world. 



So I Bought A Vintage Camper
So I bought a vintage camper

I have been looking for a rad vintage camper for years—& I’m not even being dramatic—seriously, years! It’s actually been quite the adventure to find the “perfect” one. When I started looking I would quickly learn that the good ones are overpriced and the fixer-uppers need way too much fixing up.

Photo found on Pinterest

Photo found on Pinterest

I’m going to tell you about a time when I thought I had a camper bought and it totally fell through to the gates of hell.

I was told about a camper that needed to be moved off of a property; the owner was not asking very much for it because he was in a time crunch to get rid of the camper. My mom sent me photos of it and I pretty much fell in love right away. I was like a kid on Christmas Eve. I stayed up late dreaming about everything I could do with it!

On Mother’s Day evening we drove over to scope the camper out. It actually looked better in person than it did in the photos! Even though it needed A LOT (emphasize, A LOT) of work I was more than ready to bring that camper home. Unfortunately, the owner did not have the title and I was not willing to pay for something that I would not have ownership on.

Major Camper Inspo by @ModCloth

Major Camper Inspo by @ModCloth

A few weeks pass by and finally the owner calls and tells us that he found the title and we can come get the camper anytime. The next weekend, we drive over, back the truck up to hook up the camper and then proceed to make one final inspection. You know, to ensure that it was in the same condition as the first day I looked at it.

Without bashing anyone, there was some—um, "damages" made to the camper sometime between the first visit and pick up day. To put it lightly, I was devastated + shocked. My mom and I start taking a closer look at the camper and notice several gouges in the exterior shell and glass windows shattered. Obviously, I call the deal off; one of the main reasons I wanted this camper is because the exterior was in such great shape!

photo found on Pinterest

photo found on Pinterest

With a heavy heart I drive home discouraged + a little pissed off. After mellowing in my emotions for a while the search for a vintage camper begins again.

I wasn’t going to share this (negative) story because it’s sort of a downer and totally against everything I believe in as far as putting positive vibes out into the universe. BUT there is light at the end of the tunnel. Let this be an illustration for you to keep truckin’ on. Keep moving forward when things aren’t going your way!

If you follow along on Instagram you know I finally brought home one badass vintage camper.

Ladies + Gents, meet Nova the Rad Nomad

Nova The Rad Nomad

LOOK AT THIS BABE. It needs so much TLC but that’s okay, because I have so much love to give!

Isn't it funny how things just fall into place when you stop obsessing over it. 

This little guy has a neat history: originally owned by a man who would take his son camping in the mountains to hunt and fish several months out of the year. Then when the son had his own son, they would continue the tradition and go hunting/fishing together. Unfortunately, the grandson was killed in a motorcycle crash and the father lost all interest in using the camper since the accident. He was very reluctant to let the camper go, as it held a lot of memories with both his father and son. However, he was happy to let the camper move on to its next journey and can’t wait to see it come back to life.

This is going to be quite a big project/overhaul but I know the journey will test me, as a person, on so many levels. Skills that I work on every day to improve, like patience and tenacity will certainly be evolved. I’m considering making it either a blog or video series for anyone interested in renovating their very own travel trailer. Now, for the million dollar question: to make it an actual travel trailer for glamping or a Rad Maverix Champagne Bar or both?

Watch the pre-renovation tour here!

I plan to keep you posted + updated on the improvements.


Until next time,


Why You Haven't Jumped On The Mindfulness Train Yet

Think you don't have time for mindfulness? Or your mind is too busy and scattered to focus? Join the party, there's plenty of room for everyone. 

When I talk to my friends + family about incorporating mindfulness into my daily life they look at me like I'm crazy.

"But, Merrissa, how do you have time?"
"My brain is way too busy to even consider the act of mindfulness!"
And my personal favorite, "I've got 10,000 things on my to-do list. Adding one more task is the last thing I need to do." (Me too, home girl, me too!)


Actually sister, it sounds like you're in dire need of some soul searching + valuable (read: mindfulness) time to yourself.

But I get it. And to be honest with you, I thought "meditation" and "mindfulness" was a bunch of hokey pokey bullshit before I tried it. It is so easy for me to hustle through the entire day and forget to be mindful at times. To be honest, my mind is busting at the seams with worn out dreams and what I imagine heaven will look like. (Think 1000s of puppies and everflowing champagne) Or I'll be hustling through my morning routine, go to step out of the shower and not be able to remember if I've washed my hair or not. I can't be the only one, right? Forgetting to respond to emails and losing my key fob used to be a daily ritual for me! 

So what the heck is ‘mindfulness’?


Mindfulness is the process of deliberately bringing your attention to whatever you are doing right now, the here and NOW—not five minutes ago and not 5 years from now. You can either continue to read this blog post mindfully or with a mind not fully focused. 👯 

So why can’t you jump on the mindful train?

4 reasons why you can't get on the mindfulness train + how to get on board once and for all

01 You don’t really understand it. This was one of my biggest speed bumps! Here’s the deal, being mindful is not about being perfect. It’s not about being perfectly present and focused every single minute of the day. It’s not about moving through the day to day grind like a toked out hippie. Mindfulness is simply choosing to focus one’s attention on the present moment. It’s about controlling your thoughts and noticing when your mind has wandered. (More control, sign me up! 🤣) But in today’s world, it’s no wonder our minds run when we’re constantly being pulled in 10,000 different directions.


Did my husband pay the mortgage?

Did I turn the water hose off last night?

The babysitter is going on vacation next week, who is going to watch the kids?

Did I email that client back? 


As a matter of fact, while you’re reading this, you’ve probably already thought about several other areas in your life that need attention. That’s where mindfulness comes into play. Try to notice when your mind is wandering and make a choice to bring it back to what is actually happening right in front of you.

02 You’re not a curious cat anymore. I think this can be the hardest part of being mindful. You see, the brain is a magnificent organ and because sometimes the present moment might suck, we’ve programmed our brains to pay attention to something less sucky or boring. Like that chocolate shake you thoroughly enjoyed yesterday or that YouTube video you’ve been dying to watch. It’s easy to pay attention to a beautiful Oklahoma sunset, puppies playing in the yard or a wild bald eagle swooping through the sky.

Unfortunately, most of the day to day details of life are far less enjoyable. The news is super depressing, the Starbucks line is backed up an entire city block, your boss is being a jerk and once again, your dishwasher didn’t unload itself. But a hat if we decided to notice what’s happening and get curious about it? Here’s what happens, you start remembering that you did in fact wash your hair; you learn that your boss is going through a divorce and in return you feel a bit more empathy for him. You remember that you had meetings all day and errands to run all evening so you give yourself a little break and stop being so damn hard on yourself. In general, life starts to feel a little calmer.

03 You’re like a broken record. You only correct yourself when you’re broke. When I first started experimenting with mindfulness/meditation, I only practiced when I was stressed. It took a while to realize that I could incorporate mindfulness on a regular basis and prevent moments of anxiety + tension. The more you practice paying attention to the present moment when you’re calm + happy, the easier (& WAY MORE EFFECTIVE) your mindfulness practice will be when you’re having a bitch fit. 🤷🏼‍♀️👸🏼

04 You think it’s a much bigger deal than it is. Meditation / mindfulness is not only what you see in the movies. Yes, meditation can strengthen our mindfulness power but it’s not about getting up at sunrise and chanting for an hour.

When you practice mindfulness, you will start noticing a wandering mind in the shower, during your mid-morning snack or on your drive to work. Next time your mind is wandering take a deep breath and focus on your breathing for a minute or 2. Do this in your car, while you’re getting ready for work or at your desk. And as I always say, no matter how impulsive, spacey or reactive you have been, you can always begin again. You live, you learn and then you do better. Being mindful is not about being perfect; it’s about being present.

So! Are you still feeling like you don’t have enough time to be mindful? Still feeling like you’re too scattered and distracted? Remember, those are just thoughts! You can choose to take them seriously and make them your reality or notice those pesky little thoughts, get a little curious about them and then let them go in favor of more beneficial ideas. 


Stay rad + kind,


Manifest The Good Shit
Manifest The Good Shit

Last week I shed back a few layers of vulnerability and got pretty raw. I briefly discussed issues I had previously dealt with in regards to self-love. Unbeknownst to me, there are so many people suffering from lack of confidence, self-esteem and overall self-love issues.

I received a lot of messages asking for help. Even messages from people I’ve never met in my entire life. To be honest with you, this made me feel ridiculously good in the respect that I’m obviously living an authentically real life and complete strangers trust me (Merrissa – 1, Life - 0). Then sadness settled in. I was sad that others were dealing with self-love issues and felt like they didn’t have any way to deal with their struggles besides reaching out to a complete stranger.

This post is for you.

This post is for the girls (and guys!) that are struggling with self-love, confidence, self-esteem, etc and don’t know how to start living their best life ever.

I want to share with you a few methods of daily practice that have improved my life, leaps and bounds. However, today, I want to specifically talk about journaling.

Growing up I never really had a “diary” or any deliberate means of journaling. Of course I had several Hello Kitty journals but they were filled to the brim with games of MASH, tic-tac-toe and some of those 3D “S’s” that made you feel like a complete badass. Anyways—I think my lack of journaling as an adolescent has something to do with being really open with my parents and feeling safe to discuss any problems I was going through.

As I got older, life started happening super fast and sometimes unbearable; I began feeling a little low on self-esteem. So, I turned to a journal. But this wasn’t until after I realized it’s far more important to push out your positive energy and reduce the negative. However, I didn’t use the journal to write down my problems, my flaws or insecurities. I used it to write down the good shit. I listed things that made me happy. Things I did on a certain day that made me proud. I wrote about my accomplishments. I wrote about the good things that were going on in my life. Before I knew it I had a little book of good deeds, milestones and endeavors that highlighted the best of me. Then my outlook on the entire world, and myself, changed.

Okay homegirl. Do yourself a favor and go buy a cute little notebook and get to writing. It doesn't have to be everyday! It doesn't have to be 1, 5 or 8 paragraphs long. There is no rulebook to journaling but it certainly shouldn't feel like a chore. Anytime you're feeling in the dumps you can resort to this notebook for a quick reminder that you are the bomb and no one is you, quite like you are! Take 3-5 minutes in the morning or evening and start manifesting the hell out of the good shit. 

As always, what you put out into the universe is returned to you tenfold.

Stay rad + kind.


25 Acts of Kindness That Don't Totally Suck
25 random acts of kindness that don't totally suck

Sometimes when I'm feeling down or in a slump I put good out into the universe by doing something kind for someone else. Yes, even when I'm feeling cranky and having a pity party at a table for 1; all by my lonesome. This is the quickest and most efficient way to turn any frown upside down. You know that feeling, when you buy a gift for someone and you know they are going to totally freak out and love it so much that you literally cannot wait for them to open it. That’s the sort of high you get by performing random (or not random!) acts of kindness.

The next time things aren’t going your way or you’re simply in a slump, try one of these acts of kindness. Remember, what you put out into the universe will be returned to you tenfold. 

25 Acts of Kindness That Don't Totally Suck

  1. Genuinely compliment someone you know (& a stranger!)
  2. Greet passerby's with a friendly smile
  3. Donate food to animals shelters
  4. Be a fountain not a drain; be the everlasting optimist in the group
  5. Donate clothes &/or blankets to a homeless shelter
  6. See someone working hard? Offer them an ice cold refreshing water to show your appreciation
  7. Send something cheerful through the mail "just because"
  8. Bake "too many" cookies and take the extras to your coworkers or to a relative/friend.
  9. Pay for the toll for the person behind you
  10. Send an uplifting / encouraging email to a friend "just because"
  11. Send care packages to our soldiers
  12. Always hold the door open
  13. Bake a cake for the birthday person
  14. Leave change or a dollar bill on the vending machine with an encouraging "pay it forward" note
  15. Return a shopping cart for an elderly person
  16. See something awesome on Instagram? Compliment their work!
  17. Send copies of old photos with a love note to a long lost friend or relative
  18. Surprise a friend with a happy hour drink from Sonic
  19. Volunteer to walk & play with dogs + cats at your nearest animal shelter
  20. Send anonymous flowers
  21. Offer to babysit so those neighbors of yours can get out for a couple of hours
  22. Always say please + thank you
  23. Give a secret gift to someone
  24. Donate toys + books to the local preschool or church
  25. Tell someone how they have positively impacted your life

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I challenge you to perform 3 acts of kindness this week!

Stay rad,


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The Art of Smudging 101: The Benefits
The Art of Smudging 101: The Benefits

Our bodies, homes and personal belongings are not purely physical matter; they vibrate with invisible yet subtle energy. Think of smudging as the spiritual spring cleaning; utilize a smudge ceremony to cleanse your body/object or a space to clear away all negative / emotional garbage. 

Moving forward with the smudging + cleansing vibe, I am sharing with you the benefits of smudging. If you missed part one of this series, check the basics of smudging here and then come back and catch up with us. Like I previously mentioned, the most basic definition of smudging is to cleanse. You're probably asking yourself, "What in the hell are we cleansing?" And "How is waving a burning wand of sage going to benefit me or my life?". And that's fine, I've been there too and I've asked those questions plenty of times. So let's jump right in to the benefits of smudging and how it can transform your life.

3 Benefits of Smudging

  1. Clears negative energy. While you are burning the smudge stick you are purifying a room or object with the smoke of the sacred herbs. Once the negative energy is removed, positive energy can now fill the space.
  2. Improves your mood. Sage and other herbs, when burned, release negative ions which has been linked to boosting your mood. The aroma of sage increases the oxygen supply to your brain and produces a relaxation of muscle tension. In fact, the burning of smudge sticks has been used to combat feelings of depression, fear, frustration, resentment, anger and grief.
  3. Kills germs. The smoke from some herbs used in smudge sticks actually change the molecular structure of air and energy which in return, produces a cleansing effect. A study conducted in 2007 title, "Medicinal Smoke Reduces Airborne Bacteria", stated that smudging is an extremely potent form of sterilization, as quoted below: 
We have observed that 1 hour treatment of medicinal smoke emanated by burning wood and a mixture of odoriferous and medicinal herbs, on aerial bacterial population caused over 94% reduction of bacterial counts by 60 min and the ability of the smoke to purify or disinfect the air and to make the environment cleaner was maintained up to 24 hour in the closed room.


Are you convinced yet?

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The Art of Smudging 101: The Benefits

Stay Rad,


The Art of Smudging 101 – The Basics
The Art of Smudging 101: The Basics

After I published my latest thrifting finds video (If you haven’t watched it yet, what are you doing?! Check it out, here) I received a few questions about smudging. So I’m taking a few of those answers and turning it into a blog post for anyone curious about the basic ideals of smudging. There are a lot of faucets to smudging so this is a very broad and top-level enlightenment session.

WHAT IS SMUDGING? In the simplest term, smudging is the act of cleansing. Are you intrigued yet? Okay good, let’s delve in. Smudging is based on the combination of herbal, spiritual, medicinal and cultural teachings of the past. A smudge ceremony (aka Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing) is performed to correct the energy in your home, office, a person or even an object.

BENEFITS The benefits of smudging are endless, so I’ll only mention a few today. Smudging not only allows you to wash away all the emotional and spiritual negativity that gathers in your body, on a day to day basis, but combats said negativity, clears your energy and helps you start afresh. The aroma of the smudge stick and the effects of smudging can be very effective, oftentimes, sending away stress or anxiety instantly. This practice allows you to make room for energy, good vibes and peace. It is recommended to smudge on a regular basis, like the beginning of every new season. This helps your body and space adjust to the healing rhythms of the seasonal cycle. Most importantly, though, smudging can turn your home (or any space) and your body into a peaceful (+ beautiful!) temple in which you can find happiness and rejuvenation.

IS THIS SOMETHING NEW? The history of smudging goes back thousands of years. (Warning, this ranks moderately high on the woo-woo scale) The Native Americans, called on the spirits of sacred plants to drive away negative energies, which then allows you to be back into a state of balance. Smudging, to early Native Americans, is the psychic equivalent of washing our hands before eating. Remember, when you perform a smudging ritual you are plugging into an ancient, powerful line of spiritual tradition.

Have you ever performed a smudging ritual? 


Stay Rad + Kind,


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Be curious; not judgmental