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4 weekly topics to help you step into your power:





  • Daily Challenge checklist + Prep Pack

  • Brand spankin' new DAILY FITNESS Challenge Calendar (you better get ready)

  • Rad Girl's Guide to Kickass Meals

  • #BALLINONABUDGET - 35 NEW Recipes for the babe on a budget

  • 4 Week Soul-satisfying tabata workbook

  • Daily check-in prompts with Merrissa + Bailie

  • MORE weekly prizes!!! #hellyassss

  • Password-protected site to easily download all of your resources

  • Interactive workbooks for each module

  • Q+A's! - Let us answer your heart burning questions!

  • 24/7 Email Support the duration of the challenge

  • Private Facebook Group to keep you motivated + accountable





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What they're saying about the challenge

"I'm a full time college girl, work part time, and there is no excuse not to do this! If you want to feel empowered, if you want to feel like you have really kicked some butt, do this challenge! You can slay everyday with Merrissa, and all the other babes that working right along with you."

"I signed up for the Rad Maverix Lifestyle Challenge with very little expectations. I'm new to the state that I live in and thought it may be a good way to make new friends and meet new people... My bar was set way too low. I honestly feel silly trying to explain how much good this challenge did me. It's sounds cliche but words really can't describe how much my heart has changed since starting the challenge. I'm a bona fide workaholic and hadn't realized how far I had been sucked into this repetitive, overly busy, and mentally exhausting lifestyle I had grown accustomed to. I didn't fully comprehend how much I needed a break from it all.
This challenge allowed me to step back and look at my circumstances, but it didn't stop there. The modules were so well thought out that every resource I needed to change my circumstances were at my disposal. The online group held me accountable, celebrated my triumphs, and built me up when I needed it. This was no ordinary lifestyle actually changed my life."

"During this challenge I was going through a really tough time losing my grandmother and it felt like I was embraced by family with every one and they kept my spirits up and I felt the love from prayers!"
"If you're ready to set aside your excuses and start being your best self (and connect with some bad-ass women in the process) then the Finding Balance and Happiness 30 Day Challenge is for you."

"I feel like a completely changed woman! My motivation, confidence, and just overall drive to be a better me is through the roof!"

"When I started the 30 day Challenge, I really thought it was going to be a weight loss challenge with already fit gals. It was not. It far exceeded my expectations: I've been introduced to all backgrounds of women, going through different stages of their lives. We are each other's biggest cheerleaders. Lifting one another up has remained constant the past thirty days. I couldn't be more thankful."

"The Rad Maverix lifestyle is perfect for any one. So empowering - the challenges & the women apart of this lifestyle really help you transform into the woman you want to be!"

"I didn't know what to expect from this challenge, but it was the best 30 day challenge I've ever signed up for. It covered so many different areas that I never knew I needed to even focus on. I can't wait for the next!"