I’m Merrissa

I’m just a Midwest lady trying to navigate a delightfully simple life.

Photo by Brittany Coffee Photography

Photo by Brittany Coffee Photography

Rad Maverix was created in 2014 as something “creative + fun” to do after finishing college and entering the corporate world. Somewhere along the way, I started designing graphic tees + dabbling in web design. Since then, I decided to close a few chapters that no longer serve my highest self or add value- or simplicity -to my life.

You live, you learn & then you do better.

I’m constantly craving a simpler + more intentional life. Whether that means finding easy recipes for dinner after a long day of work or implementing small bits of exercise here and there to feel my best. I believe looking great is exciting, but feeling great is essential. I’m here to cheer you on in all things health, style, fashion and hustle — whether you’re in a 9-5, rocking a solo business, or a little bit of both. I feature interviews with fellow trail blazers, my favorite recipes and routines, and tips for designing a radically fulfilling life.

6 fresh facts

Grab a glass of champagne + join me as I navigate what it means to live a delightfully simple life!