Hi, I’m Merrissa.

I like to enjoy the finer things in life, like champagne on Saturday mornings + long walks down flea market isles. Join me as I learn how to design a delightfully simply life.

  • ...She is genuine and offers so much to her Tribe. Her blog topics are spot on and are full of valuable information. They are written in a way that makes you feel you are right there with her. I absolutely love this girl. She inspires me to be better….to do better.
    — Tisa Wills, Owner of The Onyx Feather
  • After taking this 30 day, let's face it...badass, challenge I have become more self aware of what I need out of life. I want to be like Merrissa. I want to inspire people to be better versions of themselves and to take care of themselves at the same time...
    — Calisa, 30 Day Lifestyle Challenger
  • The Rad Maverix lifestyle is perfect for any one. So empowering - the challenges and the women apart of this lifestyle really help you transform into the woman you want to be!
    — 30 Day Lifestyle Challenger
  • I've never really been one to share a bunch of personal struggles, especially with strangers. But I feel like I not only gained a new sense of who I am and want to be but I also gained a strong tribe that is there to cheer me on!
    — 30 Day Lifestyle Challenger
  • You helped me remember all the things I love about me and realize my worth. Beyond bringing back my badass, I learned to live a more kind, and fulfilled life and to stop just surviving. I now believe it is perfectly fine to take care of ME!
    — 8 Week Lifestyle Client