A Guide To Staying Rad During the Holidaze
Staying Rad During the Holidaze

My Christmas tree has been up for 3 weeks and I’ve been blaring Christmas music since November 1st.

You know, its kinda funny because I’m actually the type of person that waits to put their Christmas tree up last minute. But truth be told, I’m taking a different approach to the holiday season this year. Although the happiest time of the year, it is also the busiest time and I know my schedule picks up significantly after the middle of November. So putting up the Christmas tree when the time suited me was the perfect choice this year. Plus I get to enjoy the lights + cheer a bit longer than most.

(And no, it doesn't mean I'm trying to skip Thanksgiving.)

A few of my intentions this holiday season:

  • Prep + plan. No waiting until December 24th to stress out and start my Christmas shopping. As I mentioned above, I'm completing my holiday check list as time suits me. 

  • Be present in all family functions, this is an ongoing goal of mine. Put the damn phone down, chat with family + friends, get to know your family on a deeper level.

  • Give back more. A few weeks ago I did some work for one of my clients, Shelbie, owner over at ShelbieLFitness.com. She overpaid her invoice by 35% to show her gratitude for me and all I've done for her these last few months. At that moment I decided to take that extra $ and give back to a charity this holiday season. (#radgirltip: if money is a bit tight this year but you still want to give back, donate your time!)

  • Daily gratitude. Reflecting on the day I had and jotting down the small things that made me happy or grateful. (I included a 2 pg gratitude journal in the guide to staying rad during the holidaze!)

I hope to sip my coffee (+ hot cocoa!) a little slower and enjoy the smallest of joys this Christmas.

What are your intentions + desires this holiday season? If you're like me and wanting to make the best of it, download my short guide to surviving the holidaze! Make sure and catch up with us in the Rad Maverix Lifestyle Facebook group and let us know what you're up to and how you're staying rad this holiday season. 


PS - ShelbieLFitness and I have collaborated on a small giving back project this year.

You can purchase the tee below for $30 and 100% of the proceeds will be given to families in need this holiday season.

this is a pre-sale and if you order by sunday, december 3rd, you can score free shipping by using code "freeship".




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Chief Of The Teepee: Brittany Coffee Parker, Photographer
Brittany Coffee Parker - Rad Maverix

Hi guys. Today’s Chief has a VERY special place in my heart and in my life. Brittany and I met last year and although we have only known each other a short period of time, it feels like we have been lifelong friends. Not only on a friends’ level but on a business level too. She is the best at helping to bounce idea’s and is always willing to offer genuine and honest feedback. She is the most humble + talented person I know.

Editors Note:

I've been holding onto this Interview for quite some time. I want to use this platform to help promote Brittany's new book, Tales & Traditions: The Steadfast Faces of Agriculture. Brittany has poured every ounce of her being into the making of this book and I am incredibly proud that she has allowed me to be such a small part of it.

The skinny on Tales & Traditions: Brittany interviewed + photographed several ranches and farms in the beautiful Midwest. She is hoping to shed some light and share the stories of those who are most often over looked in a hustling and bustling society. If you feel so inclined, please check out Brittany's website. She has blogged about each story; providing us with sneak peeks + snippets of what is to come in her new book, Tales & Traditions: The Steadfast Faces of Agriculture.

1. Tell us who you are, where you’re from and a fun fact or two. I am Brittany Coffee (now she is Mrs. Brittany Coffee Parker) and I call Gentry, Arkansas home. A fun fact or two...I showed cattle + ride horses but I'm terrified of chickens. Weird, I know. Also- somehow I've managed to never have a broken bone but I am probably the clumsiest person you'll ever meet. 

2. Where did the inspiration behind your business come from? How did it begin? When I started my business at 16 I had no idea what I was doing. I just knew I loved taking pictures. The idea of capturing moments + memories forever is probably my biggest inspiration. Photos are history + tell stories. That's so important to me. Throughout college my business grew + eventually became my full-time career. I always said I didn't want photography to be my career but now that it is I can't imagine doing anything else. 

3. What is the best part about being the BOSS? The best part about being my own boss is being able to make my own hours. If I want to have a long lunch break I can, if I want to take the morning off I can. I have these privileges but I don't abuse them. I know there is work to be done + always see that it gets done. 

These things I never thought I was capable of, I am doing every day, wholeheartedly.
— Brittany Coffee Parker
Brittany Coffee Parker
Brittany Coffee Parker

4. What drives you to pursue your passion each day? I am a passionate person by nature so I can't help but pursue my passions. For me to be able to combine my love of agriculture + photography into my Tales & Traditions project is a dream come true. In the sense that I never thought I would be writing a book, or having photos publish or running my own business for that matter. These things I never thought I was capable of, I am doing every day, wholeheartedly. I have such a phenomenal support system + having their support pushes me to be my best + work hard. 

Photo by Megan Frazier Photography

Photo by Megan Frazier Photography

5. What advice would you give to an entrepreneur just starting their journey? It's hard work, such hard work. Things will go wrong but things will also go right. It's crucial to stay positive, self-disciplined + fresh. It's so important to try new things, step out of your comfort zone + never stop working. Set goals, long term + short term, + work toward them every day. 

6. What are your hidden superpowers? I make a mean salsa; I can iron jeans with the best of them + my ability to laugh loudly at the worst possible times is out of this world. 

7. What is your favorite quote?

"I figure if a girl wants to be a legend she should go ahead and be one" - Calamity Jane

"I hate rude behavior in a man, I won't tolerate it" - Captain Call in Lonesome Dove

8. What is bliss to you? Bliss is so many different things to me. Laughing on the front porch, jam sessions with all of the windows open, being surrounded by the people I love most, the feeling of finishing a good book, getting my fingers dirty from spring flowers, a good ride on my horse, a long walk with my pup, a fresh conversation with someone I look up to, camping, seeing new places. Bliss is laughing, reminiscing and telling good stories. 

9. If you could meet anyone for champagne, who would it be and where would you meet? I don't know that Chris LeDoux would drink champagne but I would've like to meet him somewhere at a rodeo I'm sure. Maybe Louis Serpa, the first female rodeo photographer, but she preferred tequila to champagne, again probably meet at a rodeo somewhere. 

10. What do you like to do in your "free" time? In my free time I like to do all of those things I listed that are blissful to me. I like to read a good book, surround myself with happy people, the people I love most. Sometimes that means being at the roping pen, a family function, camping on the river, or on the porch drinking a beer.


Hang out with Brittany


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Dining: Samantha's - Bartlesville, Okla

It’s the perfect blend of a southern steakhouse and a chic Parisian bistro. We sat outside by a prominent fireplace, under a canopy, a string of porch lights and soft-playing music. We were in Oklahoma but the atmosphere felt like a quaint café in Paris. The vibe was just right.

Rad Maverix - Samantha's Bartlesville, OK
Rad Maverix - Samantha's Bartlesville, OK

We started the evening off with mimosas, martinis and an appetizer of roasted red pepper hummus, toasted crostini’s (warm toast for the simple folk), celery + carrots. The hummus was not your typical store-bought bean dip. It was creamy with bits of red pepper and drizzles of oil for good measure. The hummus appetizer was quite a bit of food, I’d say it could suit 4-5 people but the two of us pretty much devoured it. Other appetizers on Samantha’s menu that I would like to try sometime include their crab cakes, bacon wrapped jalapeños and the bruschetta…because #carbs.

After a couple of drinks and demolishing the appetizer we were feeling a bit full so we decided to share an entree. The special Friday night was a ribeye topped with grilled shrimp and sides of roasted veggies and garlic + rosemary potatoes. I was actually blown away by the quality of the meat and seafood. We asked for a medium rare cooked steak and if you eat meat / steak, you’ve probably witnessed that not all medium-rare steaks are the same. However, this one was cooked perfectly with a warm red center.

We finished the evening with good conversation and a Crème brûlée. 

Samantha's is a great place to host dinner parties or grab a light lunch. They have a variety of sitting areas ranging from under a gazebo, on the deck, at the bar or your traditional indoor seating. Next time you're looking for a place to host a celebration make sure to check Samantha's out! 

Rad Maverix - Samantha's Bartlesville, OK
Rad Maverix - Samantha's Bartlesville, OK



Samantha's is located in Downtown Bartlesville on the corner of 4th and Shawnee.


Make a Reservation




LUNCH: Tuesday - Friday, 11a - 2p

DINNER: Tuesday - Saturday, 5p - ?


Until next time.


xx, Riss

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Seagrove Beach, FL Recap
Rad Maverix

As much as I love traveling I always love pulling into the driveway of our home after a week of exploring just as much...if not more. Last week we flew down to Florida to celebrate the wedding of JF’s sister and new brother-in-law. The wedding was beyond picture perfect, with a light breeze and the beautiful gulf shores behind the ceremony; it really could have been something straight out of a fairy-tale.

We flew out at 6am.

This is what happens when you ask your significant other what time they’d prefer to fly out and you get no response or… “I don’t care”. You book the earliest flight available and start vacation at the crack ass of dawn.

We decided to get a hotel room at the Hardrock and head down to Tulsa the night before our flight so we wouldn’t have to drive as far in the morning to get to the TUL INT’L Airport. 3:15am came mighty early. So there we were, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed leaving our vehicle at the airport valet because…who wants to walk 2 miles at 4:30 in the morning with 50+ lbs of luggage. While checking our bags, the receptionist gladly informed us that our luggage was 6 lbs overweight and we would need to pay an add’l $100 for the extra 6 lbs…………….

There I was, chucking clothes into my carryon bag like I was robbing a bank. Of course you feel like everyone in line is staring and judging like ‘omg, is this their first time flying’. LOL, no Gerald, I just like to be prepared—who knows if I’ll want to wear a cute romper or yoga pants on Sunday? 

After making it through security we run to the nearest coffee shop and I scarf down a bagel, fresh fruit cup and a large black coffee—don’t judge me, I like my coffee like I like my clothes—blacker than black.


We arrive in the ATL and have a couple of hours to spare before our next flight so we hit up the TGIFriday’s and grab a couple appetizers and mimosas. If you ever want to try an $11 mimosa, go to TGIFriday’s. That shit better have been Cristal.

Sooner or later we arrive at the Panama City Airport, the tiniest airport I’ve ever seen. I think there were only like 4 terminals. I call for an Uber and we enjoy one more adult beverage—because #vaca. We finally arrive at the house we’re staying at and literally all I wanted to do is sleep. The house we stayed in was a 3 story home with 3 different units. It was beautiful, the top floor was it's own unit and the bottom and second floor were both split level units; all 3 units had their own kitchens / full bathrooms and entry doors. 

We waited for a few people to fly in and just hung out on the deck and caught up with old friends. 

Come Friday morning we got up, some walked down to the beach to watch the dolphins and others enjoyed the plush pillows + soft sheets. 

The guys made a liquor run and the girls all headed down to the beach to catch some rays. It was the perfect afternoon; friends, pina colada's and mexican food on the beach. 

Rad Maverix

That evening we had the rehearsal dinner and the groom's family rental. This home was literally something out of an HGTV magazine. It was a modern home with a slight touche of Joanna + Chip.


Saturday morning comes and all of the bridesmaids shack up in the Bride's room to get hair & makeup done. Of course we snacked on cheese + fruit platters and sipped on Mimosa's.

When I tell you Jessie looked like a Model out of the Oklahoma Bridal Magazine— I am not exaggerating in the least bit. She looked absolutely stunning. So did the entire bridal party; what a great looking group of people 😉

Rad Maverix
Rad Maverix
Rad Maverix

After the wedding ceremony + photos, we all headed back up to the house where we held the reception / after party. We had Nick N' Jim's BBQ and all kinds of adult beverages on tap. 

Rad Maverix
Rad Maverix
Rad Maverix

I don't think Jessie + Billy could have picked a better location. Everything about their wedding was beautiful and magical in the most simplest of terms. 

Photo by Sarah & Paul Photography

Photo by Sarah & Paul Photography

Photo by Sarah & Paul Photography 

Photo by Sarah & Paul Photography 

Day 4 rolls around and the guys (graciously) woke up early to pick up the decorations and clean up a bit. I considered this our 'chill day', all of the anxiety and worrisome of pulling off a destination wedding was finally lifted off of everyone's shoulders. We all sat on the beach, soaked up the sun and enjoyed each others company.

Sunday night we went out to dinner at 723 Whiskey Bravo; I think there were nearly 30 of us so they sat us all in our own little room. The food was so good. We ordered fried mac and cheese sticks with a chipotle aioli sauce and a smoked gouda cheese dip topped with ground beef and tortilla chips for appetizers. I ordered the shrimp pasta + JF ordered the filet. It was all so so good. 

We hit the sack at a decent time Sunday evening because our flight left Panama City at 9:45 the next morning and that was at least a 40 min drive from the house. I could barely sleep Sunday night because I was so scared we wouldn't be able to find an Uber at 7am. Luckily we did! 

Our friends, Bekah, her husband Cody and Shannon were on the same flights back home so when our first flight landed in the ATL, we stopped at the Carrabba's and had a bite to eat to pass time until our next flight to Tulsa.

We make it to Bartlesville to pick up the dogs from Grandma's house and we finally opened the gates to our house about 6p. It felt so good to be home. I lit ALL of my fall-scented candles, jumped in my chair, cuddled with my dogs and enjoyed the peace and quiet. I am already looking at my calendar and trying to figure out when I can get back to Seagrove Beach. I'm hoping Jessie takes us on their anniversary trip next year 😉


Until next time.



Rad Maverix
Chief Of The Teepee: Fashion Stylist, Melanie Pace
Melanie Pace x Rad Maverix

A few months ago I stumbled across Miss Melanie Pace. I was 1/2 way obsessed and 1/2 way impressed. This babe is equal parts badass gym junkie and style extraordinaire. She's like the sister you always wanted...so you could not-so-secretly steal her (entire) wardrobe. If her style doesn't catch your eye just wait until you meet her sassy + outgoing personality. Melanie is a personal shopper and has frequented major networks, like Fox and NBC, offering up her best style tips and fashion how-to's; keep reading to learn more about her entrepreneurial journey.

1. Tell us who you are, where you’re from and a fun fact or two. My name is Melanie Pace. I'm a wardrobe stylist, personal shopper, and fashion blogger. I am born and raised here in Orlando and I played softball my first 2 years of college before going to FSU to study Fashion Merchandising and business.

Melanie Pace x Rad Maverix

2. What is the best part about being an Expert Fashion Stylist? How has owning your own business changed your life? The best part about being a Fashion Stylist is being able to help people. Whether you’re inspiring a young person who is interested in styling and owning their own business or getting that person ready for a big event and they feel like a million bucks, its always a rewarding job.

Owning my own business has been so fun, scary, stressful, incredibly rewarding and challenging all at the same time. However,  I wouldn’t change a thing.
— Melanie Pace
Melanie Pace x Rad Maverix

3. How would you describe your style to someone who doesn’t personally know you? Thats always a fun question for me. I have so many styles I'm attracted to, and I feel like I love wearing them all. From bohemian, to girly, to rocker, I am forever a lover of many styles!

Let the disappointments drive you, fuel you to do better and be better.

4. What drives you to pursue your passion each day? Well first as much as I don’t like to say this, its about making money. Being successful isn’t all about making money, but if you aren’t profitable when you’re doing any job, you should probably be rethinking some things. I am really blessedto be able to make money doing what Im passionate about and to keep creating new ways to be , inspire others and continuing to have fun while doing it all.

5. What advice would you give to an entrepreneur just starting their journey? Do NOT give up! There will be so many days where you feel like your just running in place. Don’t let this fool you. Come up with a plan, write it down and read it everyday. Do one thing off your list that will get you to that end point. Take that no and make it a yes somewhere else. Let the disappointments drive you, fuel you to do better and be better.

Melanie Pace x Rad Maverix

6. What is a not-so-secret indulgence or obsession you might have that goes against Society’s grain? Is eating an entire large pizza by yourself going against Society’s grain? because this is no secret in my life! but may have a few judgments if I told you how many times Ive accomplished this.

7. What are your hidden superpowers? I am a big lover. I love real hard. My family, my friends, my business, people who are in need! I like to think that if more people had this superpower, we would all be way better off.

8. What is your favorite quote? Be the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. - Maya Angelou

9. What is bliss to you? A day off with absolutely nothing to do. Being with my family and friends laughing and enjoying what this life has to offer!


Keep up with Melanie


photos in this blog post courtesy of www.instagram.com/melaniepace



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Let's Talk Tees - Girl Power
Rad Maverix

When I started playing around with designs for the summer ’17 collection I had a couple different themes in mind, southwest + powerful. I'm taking you behind the scenes of the Girl Power Tee.

I can’t lie – this is my 2nd comfiest & favorite tee in all of Rad Maverix tees. It’s flowy (like the Rise + Shine tank!) but slightly fitted and incredibly soft. I love the muscle tank style + GIRL POWER design; it’s edgy but soft, masculine but chic.

This design was inspired by my latest tattoo; GRL PWR.

I remember back in my college days, I took a women’s feminism class at KU. It really opened my eyes up about feminism and its true meaning.

Let’s rewind to the 90s shall we? I have always been a promoter of women and a ‘girls girl’ at heart. I will support + encourage women until the day I die (although, I’m hoping I leave a legacy of inspired + motivated women to do the same.)

Read more on leaving a legacy.

The truth is, I always thought that being a feminist meant:

  • You were a woman who couldn’t get a date
  • A man-hater
  • A woman who thought she was better than the man
…we were all feminists and we didn’t even know it.

Back to the feminism 101 lecture – on the first day of class, our male teacher (…the irony) asked us to raise our hands if we considered ourselves to be a feminist. We all looked around and kind of shrugged our shoulders when finally one woman out of 28 decided to raise her hand. He then asked, "Who in here believes that women deserve the same opportunities as men"? Everyone fiercely raised their hands in agreement, looking at each other with that “hell yea” look; shaking our heads up and down.

His next question, “Who in here thinks they should get paid the same wages as a man providing the same services with the same experience(s) and education?” Again, every single female student raised their hand with even more oomph and sassitude.

Lastly, he asked us, “Who in here believes they have the right to do what they please with their bodies?” You can probably guess what happens next. Yes, we all vivaciously raised our hands.

We quickly picked up what he was laying down…we were all feminists and we didn’t even know it.

Unfortunately, the word feminist has always had such a terrible connotation. I even remember after the Women's March in Washington, I saw a post on FB from a 'friend' saying she 'could never be a feminist'....major eye roll ensues. (That's kind of like saying, "I could never be a Christian because of the crazy Phelp's clan in Topeka, KS"...we can't let a few idiots ruin it for everyone.)


Still not sure if you're a feminist? take the short quiz below!

Anyways, that’s all I have today. I hope you’re enjoying the behind-the-scenes and inspiration on the latest collection of Rad Maverix tees.

Rad Maverix
Rad Maverix


I’m signing off with one of my favorite quotes.

We teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller. We say to girls, you can have ambition, but not too much. You should aim to be successful, but not too successful. Otherwise, you would threaten the man. Because I am female, I am expected to aspire to marriage. I am expected to make my life choices always keeping in mind that marriage is the most important. Now marriage can be a source of joy and love and mutual support but why do we teach girls to aspire to marriage and we don’t teach boys the same? We raise girls to see each other as competitors not for jobs or accomplishments, which I think can be a good thing, but for the attention of men. We teach girls that they cannot be sexual beings in the way that boys are.
— Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I hope you encourage someone today to do better + be better.


Xx, Riss


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A Healthier Take On Taco Tuesday
A Healthier Take On Taco Tuesday

I'm the type of person that wishes Taco Tuesday happened every single day of the week and this was before it was trendy to eat tacos. I have to blame it on my parents though; when I was young we had a nanny who would always make us Mexican entrees and freshly pressed OJ EVERY SINGLE DAY. I could eat Mexican food 3x a day, 7 days a week. Like it's so bad when we walk into our local Mexican food joint, they normally just hand us menus and let us go to our normal booth. I'm pretty certain we could be shareholders of this restaurant for the amount of money we spend on queso/chips + margaritas! 

Before I jump into the recipe, let's first address the bell pepper trend that has spiked over the last couple of years. DO NOT GET ME WRONG, I LOVE a good bell pepper drenched in ranch dressing. BUT, now we're substituting taco shells for...bell peppers? WHAT IS THIS BLASPHEMY!?

So of course my curiosity got the best of me and I had to try it. I found this recipe from delish.com and although I was *actually* in the mood to cook, I was NOT in the mood to make my own taco seasoning. So basically, all I took from this recipe was the baking temp + time for the bell peppers, but I did adjust to make the peppers softer. Keep reading for the recipe!


Taco stuffed pepper RECIPE


Healthy Taco Tuesday
Healthy Taco Tuesday


1 lb beef or chicken
1/2 cup onion
1 clove garlic (minced)
1 pkg taco seasoning
3 bell peppers
2 or 3 jalapenos  
Shredded cheese
Olive oil
Optional - salt + pepper, sour cream, salsa



  1. Cut each bell pepper in half, remove seeds / veins and drizzle with olive oil. Lay cut side up and bake at 375° for 15 minutes.
  2. While your peppers are baking, cook your beef (or chicken) over medium heat, add onions, sliced jalapenos, minced garlic and cook to desired 'doneness', add taco seasoning as directed on the package. 
  3. Remove peppers from oven and fill with meat. Top off with 39 cups of shredded cheese. We get pretty generous with the cheese at the Rad Mav HQ, so I suggest, skewing the 39 cups to your desired taste.
  4. Bake at 375° for 15ish more minutes or until the cheese is melted. 
  5. Top off with lettuce, salsa or pico + fresh lime juice! 

I made a homemade salsa and guacamole so we could have chips + salsa as a side. It was SO good!! I will say, I was surprisingly pleased with the way these turned out. My craving for Mexican food was cured and we still had a pretty healthy meal. If you take out the half bag of chipotle flavored chips and salsa/guac I consumed during the entire evening. 

What do you think about the stuffed bell pepper trend? Yay or nay?

On another note: here is my new baby, Billy the Kid. 

Billy the Kid
Billy the Kid
Billy the Kid




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Chief Of The Teepee: Allie Falcon
Allie Falcon

Earlier this year I attended the Bodacious Babes of The West Conference in Ft. Worth, TX. This conference was nothing short of amazing + inspiring getting the opportunity to meet other business women in the Western world. While in Ft. Worth, I had the pleasure of meeting the one and only, Allie Falcon. If you follow her on social media (read: insta), I can assure you, she is just as fun + funky in real life as she appears to be on the 'gram. Not only is she beautiful but she also has brains; Allie was a keynote speaker at the conference and had a lot of insight + information to share with the attendees. I hope you enjoy this week's Chief of The Teepee, Mrs. Allie Falcon.

Tell us who you are, where you’re from and a fun fact or two. Hey girl hey, my name is Allie Falcon! I am a graphic designer, leather artisan, fashion blogger and resident plant killer. My hubs and I live in the great state of Texas, near a little town called Mertzon. He runs a little ranch operation out there and I “work” (usually in yoga pants) 7 days a week in my office out of our casa!

As for fun facts, hmmm, I don’t know how fun my facts are, but I play guitar and dabble on the piano after a few beers. :) 

Oh! Even though I make my living on being creative, I’ve never taken art class. Not in high school and not in college. So for those of you out there that think, “Oh I can’t do that!” or “I’m just not creative like them!” Check yoself before you wreck yoself, because it can be done! To be honest I have to work really hard at being creative and there are tons of things that I didn’t learn in high school or college that I Google every single day to learn. If you have the will to learn and are willing to put in the sweat and tears, anyone can do what I do. 

Talking about enchiladas wasn’t my jam, but I learned enough to have the confidence to get started.
— Allie Falcon

Where did the inspiration behind your business come from? How did it begin? Honestly, I always had it in my head that I’d like to have my own business one day. I wasn’t sure what kind of biz, but I knew I needed to learn from the big boys before I braved the storm of entrepreneurship. So I did a lot of work with ad agencies, PR agencies and eventually took on the role of Marketing Coordinator with a national Mexican food chain. Talking about enchiladas wasn’t my jam, but I learned enough to have the confidence to get started. So I would work my office job all day and then go home and hustle for graphic design clients and build logos and websites all night. Each paycheck I got would go towards a piece of equipment I needed for my business, like a nice camera, a good laptop, software, etc. When my husband got a job offer on this ranch, it was the kick in the ass I needed to get Allie Falcon Communications going full time. 

Thanks to a few trusting clients I still have and love, I got my graphic design stuff rolling. In the evenings I would fart around with leather. Honestly, I didn’t have any idea what I was doing, but I figured it out a long the way. We barely had a cent to our name in the beginning and I cried way more than any grown ass woman should, but with a lot of encouragement and support from my family and God, I rode out the wave and all of a sudden things started progressing. Now that my business is so much more than communications work, I rebranded to just AllieFalcon.com because I figured I want to make it big one day and that’s what the big dogs do bahaha!

Allie Falcon
Allie Falcon

My inspiration in everything I create comes from our western lifestyle, but my drive comes from never wanting to work in an office again and hopefully inspiring someone that is currently wearing my shoes from 3 years ago, that they can do it too. 

What is the best part about being the BOSS? There are the obvious things, like not wearing a bra or pants most days, haha, but I also love being able to travel and work. I don’t know about y’all, but when I worked in an office, asking for a day off damn near gave me a stomach ulcer. If I’m in a creative rut or I find myself being unproductive, I love that I can just take a little road trip to bring me back to life and no one is talking smack back at the office that I took a day off lol. A lot of my graphic design work and leather designs are often inspired by patterns I saw painted on a wall somewhere or from an etched vase in a junk store. 

What drives you to pursue your passion each day? I’d be lying if I didn’t say it’s important to me that I prove to myself and anyone that doubts me, that this isn’t just a “cute little fluff job” or an “arts and crafts project.” It’s a real life business that turns a profit. Because when I bought my first car the other day, the dealer asked what I did for a living and when I responded “designer,” he laughed and said, “No, what do you REALLY do?” So it’s people like that, that keep the fire lit underneath me. Plus, I get to wear a lot of different hats in my job and so the fun of it all really drives me.

Allie Falcon 1.jpg

What advice would you give to an entrepreneur just starting their journey? 

  • Never say, “I can’t.” If you want to learn a certain trade, you damn sure can. The internet is a powerful thing and half the things I’ve learned how to do in the last three years are all thanks to YouTube videos. Hell, I had one month of fashion blogging experience before I starting writing for Cowgirl Magazine! You've got to take risks or you'll never know what you're capable of.
  • Don't be obsessed with overnight success. It happens for some but not many, so just keep at whatever makes you get out of the bed in the morning and eventually success WILL follow.
  • Network, network, network. If you admire someone or their work. Reach out to them! Tell them! If you have a question, ASK IT! Be careful though, ask for advice, not handouts, and when you do, make sure they know how much you appreciate it. Please know, there will be mean girls along the way. I still deal with them today, but I’ve also reached out to women I admired in the beginning and we are great friends to this day. Don’t be scared of them rejecting you. If they do or they are mean to you, then you do not need them in any way, shape or form. Move on to the next. The nice men and women I’ve networked with over the years are accountable for every bit of success I’ve achieved.
  • When you do achieve success, don't get too big for your britches. It's easy to get caught up in Instagram followers and Insta-fame, but we are all just itty bitty fish in a big pond in the scheme of things. Remember we all start at the bottom and remember the hardships you faced when you were there. Be nice to the beginners, because there's enough success for all of us!
I’d say my superpower is being positive.
— Allie Falcon

What are your hidden superpowers? Like I mentioned earlier, I’m remarkably talented at killing my plants in record timing. It’s not a power I’m proud of though lol. For real though, as cheesy as it sounds, I’d say my superpower is being positive. I’ve had plenty of opportunities to fail and quit, but I’ve talked myself out of it and now I try to do that for my peers on their low days. Cause Lord knows we all have them...and often. 

What is your favorite quote? “If you find yourself asking yourself, ‘Am I REALLY a writer? Am I REALLY an artist?’ Chances are you ARE. The counterfeit innovator is wildly self confident. The REAL one is scared to death.” – Steven Pressfield, The War of Art

Allie Falcon
Allie Falcon

What is bliss to you? Working on my laptop from my front porch, beer in hand, while my honey ropes the dummy and cooks on the grill. Stopping for just a moment to take in all the pretty scenery around me and realizing that I’m so lucky to be able to do what I love from such a beautiful place. Don’t get me wrong, those peaceful days don’t happen often, but when they do - ahhhh it really is just the best feeling.

If you could meet anyone for champagne, who would it be and where would you meet? It’s a toss up between Iris Apfel & Will Ferrell lol. If it was Iris, I’d hope we’d meet in her closet...because duhhhhhh. If it was my main man Will, I’d hope it would meet on the set of his next hilarious movie. Or maybe he’d be into meeting me and Iris in her closet and we could dress him up and send him on his way. 

What do you like to do in your "free" time? Well since every hobby I’ve ever had has turned into part of my job, I don’t have hobbies anymore lol. I’d probably say traveling and trying out new foods at dives and shopping at junk stores! I love to visit a new place and ask everyone that will stop long enough to talk to me where their favorite local joints are. 


Make sure to check out Allie's shop for a dose of badass leather work! Shop update, today, July 28, 2017 at 5pm central!


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Let’s Talk Tees – (I always) Rise + Shine

Yesterday I launched my 5th collection of tees + tanks. This line of tees has been (by far) the best selling and I'm not going to lie - I'm pretty stoked about that. 

I decided I wanted to share the details + inspiration behind the Summer '17 Collection with you. Let’s get started.

I always Rise + Shine

The inspiration behind this tee comes from the belief that we are not our circumstances. We are not defined by our hardships or shortcomings. We are ultimately the product of pushing through the most difficult and trying moments, hours, days and weeks of our lives. We are not only surviving but we are thriving. Kind of like that saying..."You have survived 100% of your worst days". Humans are incredibly resilient. Take a minute and think about it...to this date, there is nothing you have NOT survived. 

I was then drawn to polish this tee off with a wolf howling to the moon. I find this to be very symbolic of strength, communication and determination. Wolves are dedicated survivors, quite like most of us.  

This tee was also inspired by my mom. Growing up she would always wake me by singing ‘risssse and shinnnnnnne”.  I can still hear her bubbly voice happily chirping away and the smell of her French vanilla coffee like it was yesterday. 

I really can’t express to you how thankful and gracious I am to hear all of your kind + generous words. Your enthusiasm and kindness does not go unrecognized or unappreciated. Be sure to check back to get the scoop on the other Summer 2017 tees! 





Sweet Summertime Strawberry Champagne Mojito

Hi + happy Friday!

I’m pretty stoked to share today’s post because it’s a super delicious recipe for summer AND it includes my all-time favorite adult beverage, champagne.

One of my favorite things to do is sit on our front porch and enjoy the fresh air. It's actually what sold me on our new house! I've always wanted a covered front porch so I could sit outside, enjoy sunsets, sunrises and watch those beautiful Oklahoma storms roll in. If you happen to stop by the Rad Maverix HQ this summer, you'll likely catch me sitting on the front porch in my rocking chair and sipping on this sweet summertime drink. If you love the refreshing taste of mint then you’re going to love this sweet bubbly twist on the classic Cuban Mojito.

Go ahead and fix yourself a glass or three...


Serves 4
prep time 10 min
Cook time 5 min


  • 1 bunch of fresh mint leaves
  • 1 cup diced strawberries (plus a few whole strawberries to garnish)
  • 4 tsp raw sugar
  • 3 limes (or 4 oz of fresh lime juice)
  • 4 oz white rum
  • 1 bottle of your favorite bubbly



  1. Place sugar, strawberries, 7-8 mint leaves and the juice of 3 limes in the bottom of a glass pitcher. Muddle until the mint has released its oils + the strawberries are crushed.
  2. Stir in 4 ounces of white rum.
  3. Pour mixture into 4 champagne flutes (or cacti margarita glasses if you're in the prickly mood).
  4. Top each glass off with your favorite bubbly and garnish with strawberries + mint leaves.
  5. Enjoy!

*add ice if your bubbly isn't chilled to perfection.

I’ve also tried this recipe with blueberries and it is equal parts amazing and energizing. Next time I make this, I'm going to try blackberries!

Rad Maverix Strawberry Champagne Mojito


What's your favorite summertime drink?





Recipe adapted from the Suburban Soapbox
Food + DrinkMerrissa
Chief Of The Teepee: Randa Carrabba, Owner of SouthernJewlz

If you’re from the south you are sure to know this week’s Chief of the Teepee and real life Career Barbie Doll. Randa Carrabba, owner of SouthernJewlz is a girls’ girl who leaves a whole lot of sparkle everywhere she goes. You can find her killing it at the gym (#grantshotwifey4lifey) or riding unicorns. Yes, this is real life. 

Continue reading to find out more on Randa, the birth of SouthernJewlz and how it grew from a small hobby to a way of life.

Tell us who you are, where you’re from and a fun fact or two. Randa Carrabba from Bryan/College Station, Texas.  Fun fact - I have the same birthday as Jessica Simpson.

SouthernJewlz x Rad Maverix
...a Southern Jewl. Sweet and complimentary, yet independent and goal oriented.
— Randa Carrabba

Where did the inspiration behind your business come from? How did it begin? My company began as a hobby in college. I began making my own jewelry and soon others wanted to buy my creations.  I filed my first DBA while I was on Christmas break my junior year in College.  I named the Business Southern Jewlz, and as the company has evolved into the large brand that it is today, I never renamed the business even though I no longer make jewelry.  As I grew and expanded into a lifestyle boutique, I took the brand name and began a different approach to emphasize what is actually meant to be a Southern Jewl. I try to live my life as the ideology to being a Southern Jewl. Sweet and complimentary, yet independent and goal oriented. Southern: Growing up Southern is a privilege, really.  It’s more than where you were born. It’s an idea, a state of mind that seems imparted at birth. It’s more than loving fried chicken, high school football and country music. It’s being hospitable, being devoted to porches, sweet tea and most importantly to each other. It’s saying yes ma’am, no sir, please and thank you.  Sticking true to your roots and never forgetting who helped you to climb up the latter. Jewl: A self-motivated female that has no limit to her success level.  While she is dressed impeccably and gains attention, her confidence and dignity are the most noticeable attributes she possesses; making others feel their worth and beauty is her true destiny.  With love, class and a touch of sass, she has the ambition and determination to set the world on fire.

What is the best part about being the BOSS? The best part about being the boss is there is no limit to what I can do. If there's a new giveaway I want to launch, then I can make it happen.  If I want to take on more tasks to help grow the brand, I can tell my team that's what we are going to do.  Being my own boss to me further emphasizes that the sky is the limit.

What drives you to pursue your passion each day? I am so passionate about the meaning behind my brand. I believe I can lead change that I want to see in the world. I love to keep the work atmosphere and the brand to be a very uplifting environment that is full of positive energy. I believe women should build each other up, be complimentary to each other and cheer each other on and I try to do that with everyone who is a part of my brand - whether that be a customer, a model, an intern, an employee, or even someone who just follows along even if they have never purchased or worn my brand.  Southern Jewlz is so much more than trendy fashions at affordable prices with free shipping on all orders - but it's the meaning and feeling created behind the brand that makes me continue to pursue and grow!  I believe in being and pushing others to feeling good about themselves, looking good and basically being the best version that they can be!

SouthernJewlz x Rad Maverix

What advice would you give to an entrepreneur just starting their journey? To an entrepreneur starting their journey, I would have a business plan, a good sharp brand, and I would even encourage a story/meaning behind your business. Having a story behind a small business helps you to market in a way that really ties to people.  Whether it be how you named your business, why you opened your business, the overall goal of your business, etc. People tie to people and want to do business with people rather than businesses, especially when talking small business.

God has blessed me with a true love story and my husband is now my priority over my business.
— Randa Carrabba

What made you want to change your business from brick + mortar to online-only? I attended the National Retail Federation in New York in January of 2016.  I had been store front since 2010, but I actually had my online store over a year before that.  Online had the majority of the time been the anchor of my business, but seeing the forecast of the retail trend while in the Big Apple is when the thought of moving online only entered my mind. And in 2016 we saw an increase in online sales and traffic and a decrease in foot traffic.  At the end of the day, I'm a business woman, so freeing up all the time and energy it took me to run the storefront and being able to put that into online, branding, social media, and still doing pop up shops makes me feel confident to be able to spread and grow the brand. I think all along Southern Jewlz has been more than just a College Station boutique, too. The issue was I didn't want to taint the brand I had worked so hard to build in any way. So I closed the doors, made the announcement and handed the keys over to a very dear friend and business-mentor (Nancy Gilmore with The Mule Barn) at the beginning of January 2017. I was getting married in February 2017. God has blessed me with a true love story and my husband is now my priority over my business. So moving online only was also a reflection of a new phase of life for me.  I believe I am maturing and growing with my brand, and I am super proud to say that I publicly put my marriage first.

SouthernJewlz x Rad Maverix

What are your hidden superpowers? Thinking of my super powers, I've been told that almost everything I touch turns to pink or glitter. I truly believe in unicorns.  And my super powers are immensed whenever my crown gets all shined up or when I gain a new jewl to add to it.

What is your favorite quote? My favorite quote is something I wrote down 2 weeks before I opened my first store front at the age of 22. I didn't know what a mission statement was until later, so I turned those words into the statement.  I don't want to sound any bit of overly confident sharing my own words as my favorite quote, but this is what really speaks to me:

Be selfless and dedicated; give a compliment when needed. Learn something new every day. Say your prayers and count your blessings. Be a role model, a leader, and an icon of success and hard work.  Think outside the box, push every single boundary, and know that there is no limit to what you can do or who you can become.

What is bliss to you?  Bliss to me is a dreamy vacation with my husband. Getting away from the real world, doing some soul searching, falling deeper in love, and seeing more of God's creation. I love life and there is so much that I want to do and see and experience, but a trip truly makes me step away from all the hustle and bustle and even has a spiritual way of speaking to me.  But now that I'm married, I want to share all of the adventures with him!

If you could meet anyone for champagne, who would it be and where would you meet? If I could meet anybody for champagne, it actually wouldn't be anybody famous or even a business owner. Even there are so many of each that I would love to meet, the one person I wish I had the opportunity to meet is actually my husband's grandmother. The diamonds in the band around my engagement ring are actually her diamonds that Grant had incorporated into my ring design (along with the fact that he had my SJ crown created as the setting to hold my diamond up!). I have heard him and his parents tell me so many stories about her. She loved pink and was always dressed to impress.  Her house apparently had pink carpet and her closet was every bit of fabulous, as was the way that she presented herself.  She sounds to me to be the ideal figure of femininity and class while always putting her faith and family first.  She passed away a few years before Grant and I met, and I tell him all the time how much I wish I could have met her. I know we would be two peas in a pod, and since she is was so family and faith focused, I think she would really appreciate the move I made with my store to put my marriage first. But we would need a lot of champagne to catch up for the engagement and wedding that she wasn't able to attend. Grant loved her tremendously and would even stay with her for board game nights and sleepovers even as a grown man, so I would actually want a champagne slumber party with the two of them with my husband and I encouraging her to try on all of her favorite outfits for us while we told her so many stories about our life together.  I wish I could make THAT my super power!

SouthernJewlz x Rad Maverix

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Chief Of The Teepee: Caroline Matthews, Founder Of The Luxe Collective
The Luxe Collective - Rad Maverix

Good Morning + Happy Tuesday! I am so excited to bring back another season of the Chief of the Teepee Series! When I announced a few months ago I was accepting stories you guys seemed to be just as excited + pumped as me! Well, let me tell you, I've rounded up the best and bossiest women and this season is going to be a real treat. If you're new around here, I started this series last year to showcase the entrepreneurial stories of mega babes from around the world.

Without further ado, let me introduce the first boss, Caroline Matthews, founder of The Luxe Collective. Caroline is not only an award winning designer but she also loves instilling confidence + love into the lives of fellow entrepreneurs. If you've been around these parts awhile, you know Rad Maverix is all about doing betterbeing better and living our best lives ever. Caroline is the perfect dose of sunshine to add to the #radmaverixlifestyle community of thriving + confidence radiating women. Read her story below!

Tell us who you are, where you’re from and a fun fact or two. My name is Caroline Matthews and I am an award winning bridal/fashion designer and also the founder of The Luxe Collective which is a platform for Luxe female entrepreneurs to help them build wildly successful businesses, build the confidence they need to become epic and fulfill their epic dreams. As part of The Luxe Collective I am also a business and confidence coach for female entrepreneurs too… As you can see I like to wear a few hats, but I absolutely love what I do and wouldn't change any of it.

It just all flows which makes it even more awesome.

Where did the inspiration behind your business come from? How did it begin? The Luxe Collective was started by chance to be honest. Our fashion and bridal [designing] has always been about empowering women through the clothes they wear and also helping them to be more confident so they can go out and live the life they truly want and build these businesses on their own terms. One day my coach at the time asked me why I wasn't coaching women as I was already helping them anyway and was receiving so many messages from women who found me inspiring and motivating so I thought why not… The Luxe Collective is an extension of what I already do which is important to me, nothing competes. It just all flows which makes it even more awesome.

The Luxe Collective - Rad Maverix

What is the best part about being the BOSS? The best part of being my own boss is that I get to be 100% me and build businesses I love; that I’m passionate about. That scream my personality and most of all I get to help and impact women all over the world to realise their true potential. It just blows my mind.

What drives you to pursue your passion each day? What drives me are the feelings that I get from working with my 1:1 clients and seeing them succeed. The other day I received a message from a client who couldn't believe the transformation in herself and also her business, to receive these messages and to see women loving the feelings of wearing our fashion just reminds me every day that the choices I made and the struggle I went through for years figuring it all out were worth it. Plus I believe that we get one life, and that life should only be lived doing what truly serves you and makes you passionate. Far too many women just settle for and have these beautiful dreams and ambitions that never come to fruition so I make sure I am doing what I love every day.

The Luxe Collective - Rad Maverix

What advice would you give to an entrepreneur just starting their journey? My advice is to go for what you want, get clear on your goals, what you are passionate about and surround yourself with women and people who get it. Remember to also be your own biggest cheerleader! We all stumble and worry, but never compare you to someone else's a-game. They could be 5 years down the line from you so always focus on your own game! Getting a mentor or coach is also worth its weight in gold. I was really unsure about it as it was a big investment, but having someone to hold me accountable, help me when I was freaking out and sharing my ideas with was amazing.

What are your hidden superpowers? I always say my superpower is to see what women don't see in themselves, to help them believe and become the best versions of themselves they can be in business and life.

What is your favorite quote? I don't have a favourite quote but 2 that I do love are: Be willing to walk alone, many who started with you, won't finish with you! I was afraid of losing friends or people I knew as I started to grow, until I realised that when we grow, new people come into our lives who are meant to be there, it’s a sign of growth both in you and others. My other fab one is: Your dreams are only your dreams until you make them your purpose.

I love to cook, for me it’s very therapeutic... 

What is bliss to you? Bliss to me is walking in nature, I do it every morning. I love to walk through the woods with my music on, it makes me feel free, and I am full of inspiration when I walk too, that and cooking. I love to cook, for me it’s very therapeutic and at the end of it, a bonus that I get to eat it too! 

What do you like to do in your "free" time? I head to the gym, get out in nature and hike and spend time with my family and friends. Sometimes I have been known to have a binge on Netflix… Love it but then I get addicted I could go through a whole series or 2 in a day so I try not to do that too much.


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